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    Bow Wow Labs Launches World’s First Bully Stick Safety Device

    Innovator in pet safety products, Bow Wow Labs, solves a problem pet owners have faced for years with the invention of the Bully Buddy. The simple yet effective device prevents pups from choking on the tail-end of a bully stick while easing the minds of worried dog owners. The Bully Buddy pairs with a convenient subscription bully stick program Bow Wow Labs has also rolled out this month and both are available online as the brand’s first offerings in pet safety. Bully Buddy was created by dog lovers for dog lovers with a mission to keep pets safe, healthy and entertained. As a top-selling dog treat and longtime favorite of…

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    Wild Earth Introduces First Dog Treats From Koji Protein

    Veterinarian-developed Good Protein Dog Snacks support healthy digestion with prebiotics Berkeley, Calif. – Wild Earth, Inc., a startup reinventing pet food with biotech, today introduced its first product, a dog treat made with koji (Aspergillus oryzae) – an eco-friendly, renewably sourced member of the fungi kingdom used in the culinary world by some of the world’s best chefs. Wild Earth’s Good Protein Dog Snacks with Koji satisfy foodie dogs with koji’s umami-rich flavor, whole protein containing all essential ten amino acids, and health benefits such as omega fatty acids, digestion-boosting enzymes, and prebiotics to support gastrointestinal microbiomes. Only 15 calories each, Good Protein Dog Snacks include other wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin,…

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    Soft and Chewy Treats: I and Love and You

    I and Love and You has the perfect treats to help you two best friends kick off your new awesome journey together. As you know, Cami started school 3 weeks ago and she is doing really well!   Treats are used to deliver rewards for positive behavior during the training process. Dogs can get distracted easily and treats serve as reinforcement and a lure back to focus on the task at hand. ILY’s Nice Jerky Bites are the perfect blend of the awesome taste your dog will definitely roll over for, and the nutritious benefits that keep him healthy. With three yummy flavor choices – Chicken + Salmon, Chicken +…

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    Dr Dalton Dog Treats

    Dr. Dalton’s Premium Dog Treats (www.drdaltons.com) are made from the high-quality, low-fat meat that dogs love. Good meat, loaded with healthy protein, is an essential part of your dog’s nutrition regimen; many dogs that suffer from overweight, itchy, flaky skin, coarse and brittle coats or low energy are lacking meat in their diet.   When you offer your pet Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats, you can feel good knowing that they are made from that one health-essential ingredient for canines: high-quality natural beef, chicken, or pork.  They contain no additives such as sugar, salt, coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, gluten, grain, chemicals or preservatives. Produced entirely in the U.S., under strict manufacturing standards,…

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    Fetch for Pets Gives the Pups a Taste of PEEPS® Treats

    Fetch For Pets! and PEEPS® have partnered to bring new PEEPS® baked treats to the pet market just in time for Easter! The bunny shaped treats come in packs of six, both carob iced and non-iced with assorted Spring colors including pink, yellow, blue and purple. The treats launched at Stop N’ Shop in January 2016 retailing at $5.99 and will be available for national distribution. Fetch will also be introducing Halloween and Holiday colors for the first time at Global Pet Expo in March 2016. Colors include Orange, Purple, White, Green and Red. Pet parents can get into the holiday spirit with tasty PEEPS® treats for the 2016 season. “PEEPS® make the perfect seasonal…

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    Doggy Shopping A+ on Barker Kitsen

    Check out Barker Kitsen, a new website that helps dog owners find the best locally sourced and socially responsible pet products. Founder Candace Dannenbaum started researching pet products in 2010 after her dog Toby had a health scare. By using items from under the radar brands– brands not available at her big chain pet stores — she was able to nurse Toby back to life. Candace has since made it her mission to get amazing yet unknown pet products into consumers’ hands. Barker Kitsen is organized by city and showcases top boutique brands made in the US and Canada. For instance, brands from San Francisco are here and New York are here. Lastly, Barker Kitsen has original content…

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