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    Bow Wow Labs Launches World’s First Bully Stick Safety Device

    Innovator in pet safety products, Bow Wow Labs, solves a problem pet owners have faced for years with the invention of the Bully Buddy. The simple yet effective device prevents pups from choking on the tail-end of a bully stick while easing the minds of worried dog owners. The Bully Buddy pairs with a convenient subscription bully stick program Bow Wow Labs has also rolled out this month and both are available online as the brand’s first offerings in pet safety.

    Bully Buddy was created by dog lovers for dog lovers with a mission to keep pets safe, healthy and entertained. As a top-selling dog treat and longtime favorite of dogs and dog owners around the world, bully sticks are easy-to-digest, natural, stimulating and delicious. But as dogs chew the stick down, their risk of choking on the last bit increases. If that little nub gets swallowed whole, a dog can choke or develop an intestinal blockage – both of which are serious medical emergencies. Bully Buddy is designed to grip the end of a bully stick with a secure clamp that, once locked in, won’t allow the small end piece to be swallowed, protecting pets from the risk of choking.

    Bow Wow Labs helps customers treat their pets and protect them at the same time. The Easyship subscription program offers hand-selected, premium bully sticks perfectly selected for dogs based on their size and weight. Sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle, they are available as part of a monthly subscription program to supplement Bully Buddies and are delivered to customers’ doorsteps every 30 days. Bow Wow Labs works to ensure that each custom bully stick is crafted to fit the Bully Buddy and recommends using the products together to support proper function. With this unique program, Bow Wow Labs looks to captivate the pet industry and in doing so, supply dogs across the country with healthy, safe and high-quality treats.

    “We really believe in what we are doing and after our amazing Kickstarter campaign, we found that a lot of other people do too,” said Michael London, CEO of Bow Wow Labs. “We created the bully stick program to provide dogs with the highest quality bully sticks possible in the easiest way. We hand select each treat to pair with our Bully Buddies to curate the finest bully sticks with the safest experience for dogs and their owners!”

    The Bully Buddy comes with a playful design to encourage engagement, a pet-proof adjustable clamp and collar, durable rubber that’s hard enough to protect but soft enough for dog teeth and gums, and it’s dishwasher safe! The simple-to-use safety apparatus was one of the most successful pet industry campaigns on Kickstarter of all time, and it continues to draw rave reviews from dog owners and experts alike.

    “Every year we see dogs that have attempted to ingest the small portion of a bully stick and this can become an emergency procedure,” said Dr. Jerry Moore, DVM. “The Bully Buddy is the best product I’ve seen to prevent bully sticks from becoming a choking hazard.”

    Bow Wow Labs launches this week with its custom fitted bully stick program and the Bully Buddy 1 for dogs 10-25 lbs. Both are available to purchase online nationwide at bowowlabs.com. Pre-orders for other sizes of Bully Buddy are also available for dogs under 10 pounds and various sizes of dogs between 25 and 85 pounds which the company anticipates beginning to deliver in the 1st Qtr. of 2019.

    For more information on the Bully Buddy and Bow Wow Labs, please visit https://bowwowlabs.com/and follow Bow Wow Labs on Instagram and Facebook.

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    Wild Earth Introduces First Dog Treats From Koji Protein

    Veterinarian-developed Good Protein Dog Snacks support healthy digestion with prebiotics
    Berkeley, Calif. – Wild Earth, Inc., a startup reinventing pet food with biotech, today introduced its first product, a dog treat made with koji (Aspergillus oryzae) – an eco-friendly, renewably sourced member of the fungi kingdom used in the culinary world by some of the world’s best chefs.
    Wild Earth’s Good Protein Dog Snacks with Koji satisfy foodie dogs with koji’s umami-rich flavor, whole protein containing all essential ten amino acids, and health benefits such as omega fatty acids, digestion-boosting enzymes, and prebiotics to support gastrointestinal microbiomes. Only 15 calories each, Good Protein Dog Snacks include other wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, and oat. As a clean cultured protein, Wild Earth’s koji avoids the risks of meat-based food and treats, which can contain traces of antibiotics, growth hormones, or other contaminants.
    Nutritious, culinary, and sustainable, Good Protein Dog Snacks contain:
    ● Prebiotics to support healthy digestion
    ● Omega 3/6/9s for healthy skin and coat
    ● Veterinarian-developed formula
    ● No animal ingredients
    ● No antibiotics or hormones
    ● No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors
    ● No corn or soy
    A five-ounce bag retails for $12.99 at Wild Earth’s online store, and currently ships free.
    “I worry about the health risks of sugar- and salt-filled treats, both as a veterinarian and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, and as a dog lover too,” said Wild Earth chief veterinary officer Dr. Ernie Ward. “People can feel good about offering Good Protein Dog Snacks with Koji, which are a nutritious option for our dogs, our environment, and for eliminating the suffering of farm animals.”
    “We need new and alternative proteins to feed a growing global pet population, and also to minimize the environmental impact of feeding that growing population,” said Wild Earth CEO Ryan Bethencourt. “Koji is ideal for dogs based on its nutritional profile and sustainability, and used by Michelin-star chefs to add gourmet flavor, so our dog taste testers loved these treats.”
    “Wild Earth’s new alternative protein product is such a great example of providing consumers another choice for their pet’s nourishment, while being conscious of the environment,” said Ben Jacobs, Head of Ventures at Mars Petcare.
    Wild Earth cultivates koji, an ancient Asian protein, in fermentation tanks, and uses proprietary technology to optimize it for nutritional content, texture, and flavor. Because it is produced safely in a laboratory, not a slaughterhouse, it lacks risks associated with animal-based proteins such as contamination, and reduces the toll on the planet – 25-30 percent of meat’s environmental impact in the U.S. is attributed to pet food. Wild Earth’s koji dry food for dogs is scheduled for release in 2019.
    About Wild Earth
    Like food innovators creating cultured meats for human consumption, biotech startup Wild Earth is developing clean high-protein pet foods that are healthier, better for the environment, and more humane than conventional products. Wild Earth is built by pioneers in cellular agriculture led by chief science officer Ron Shigeta, Ph.D., an experienced business team led by chief executive officer Ryan Bethencourt, and Dr. Ernie Ward, known as “America’s Pet Advocate.” Investors include Felicis Ventures, Blue Horizon, Mars Petcare, VegInvest, Macro Ventures, Stray Dog Capital, Founders Fund, and Thiel Capital. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, Calif. For more information visit www.wildearth.com.
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    Soft and Chewy Treats: I and Love and You

    I and Love and You has the perfect treats to help you two best friends kick off your new awesome journey together. As you know, Cami started school 3 weeks ago and she is doing really well!


    Treats are used to deliver rewards for positive behavior during the training process. Dogs can get distracted easily and treats serve as reinforcement and a lure back to focus on the task at hand.

    ILY’s Nice Jerky Bites are the perfect blend of the awesome taste your dog will definitely roll over for, and the nutritious benefits that keep him healthy. With three yummy flavor choices – Chicken + Salmon, Chicken + Duck and Beef + Lamb.  We were working on ‘Down’ for 2 weeks and finally, the ILY’s treats got her to do it!


    For a filling post-train meal, ILY’s new Naked Essentials Kibble gets Spike back in action for the rest of the day. Three different recipe choices: Salmon + Trout, Chicken + Duck and Lamb + Bison.  Cami tried a bit of the kibble today and loved it! The ingredients are super and grain free. I will keep these on hand for days she is not having raw.

    I and Love and You Nice Jerky Bites (SRP: $7.99) and Naked Essentials Kibble (SRP: $11.99 for 4lb bag) are available in stores at Kroger’s, Wegman’s and available online at Chewys.com,amazon.com, and additional retailers.

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    Dr Dalton Dog Treats

    Dr. Dalton’s Premium Dog Treats (www.drdaltons.com) are made from the high-quality, low-fat meat that dogs love. Good meat, loaded with healthy protein, is an essential part of your dog’s nutrition regimen; many dogs that suffer from overweight, itchy, flaky skin, coarse and brittle coats or low energy are lacking meat in their diet.


    When you offer your pet Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats, you can feel good knowing that they are made from that one health-essential ingredient for canines: high-quality natural beef, chicken, or pork.  They contain no additives such as sugar, salt, coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, gluten, grain, chemicals or preservatives. Produced entirely in the U.S., under strict manufacturing standards, Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats have the crunch that dogs enjoy and are sized perfectly for a between-meal or training snack.

    Dr. Susan Dalton, founder and creator of Dr. Dalton’s Premium treats, has spent years saving and retraining aggressive, frightened and traumatized dogs using positive reinforcement methods. When she couldn’t find the high-quality treats she needed for working with her dogs, she decided to make them. Now all dogs can benefit from this quality snack.

    Ever since Jacob’s kidney injury back in January, I have been extra careful with what he gets. He loves the Meat Medley treats and I know the are great for him because they contain only high quality proteins and no weird additives!


    About Dr. Susan Dalton and Dr. Daltons Premium Treats

    Dr. Susan Dalton grew up surrounded by animals of all kinds – dogs, cats, chickens, snakes, and even salt water fish. After receiving her Ph.D., she worked with troubled adolescents, and served as both a university professor, and researcher. 

    Dr. Dalton began training dogs after adopting Cassie, a 10-week old Border Collie who had been rescued from under a car. Cassie was traumatized; fearful and aggressive. When Dr. Dalton consulted various ‘experts’ on how to best rehabilitate Cassie, all of the trainers she spoke with labeled the pup unworkable – a hopeless case.

    Susan began reading everything she could about dog training, and personally developed a highly effective dog training program based on positive reinforcement. Using this philosophy, she founded the California School for Dogs Inc. in 2009. Since then, Dr. Dalton has trained hundreds of dogs – specializing in frightened, aggressive and traumatized animals.

    With healthy treats a cornerstone of her training program, Dr. Dalton wasn’t satisfied with the dog treat options available to her. She started making her own treats in 2012, using clean and simple ingredients like chicken, beef and pork. It was her clients who convinced her to make her treats available for purchase. Since then, Dr. Dalton has mastered the creation of a dog treat that is both healthy and doggy-delicious.

    All of Dr. Dalton’s Premium Pet treats are sourced, produced, and packaged in the USA They can be purchased at www.DrDaltons.com and come in three flavors – Simply Beef, Simply Chicken and Meat Medley (made from beef, chicken and pork).

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    Fetch for Pets Gives the Pups a Taste of PEEPS® Treats


    Fetch For Pets! and PEEPS® have partnered to bring new PEEPS® baked treats to the pet market just in time for Easter! The bunny shaped treats come in packs of six, both carob iced and non-iced with assorted Spring colors including pink, yellow, blue and purple. The treats launched at Stop N’ Shop in January 2016 retailing at $5.99 and will be available for national distribution.

    Fetch will also be introducing Halloween and Holiday colors for the first time at Global Pet Expo in March 2016. Colors include Orange, Purple, White, Green and Red. Pet parents can get into the holiday spirit with tasty PEEPS® treats for the 2016 season.

    “PEEPS® make the perfect seasonal treat and let pet parents share one of their favorite pastimes with their pets and that’s what makes this so fun.” said Steven Shweky, President & CEO at Fetch For Pets! “As a company that is pivotal to the Spring season, we want to assure that even our fans’ pets can express their PEEPSONALITY®,” said Kimberly Stiele, Managing Director for Just Born Retail Group. “We are excited to expand our relationship with Fetch for pets! for 2016!”

    In 2014, Fetch for pets partnered with Just Born Quality Confections, the makers of PEEPS®, to extend the fun-filled candy brand to animal lovers and their pets everywhere. Fetch for pets develop PEEPS® branded Cat and Dog toys that are fun and safe for pets. These pet toys include PEEPS® Chick and Bunny Catnip toys, PEEPS® Chick and Bunny Dog Rope toys and PEEPS® Chick and Bunny shaped vinyl squeaky toys. Pet owners can find PEEPS® branded toys at national retailers including PetSmart or at Fetch…for pets! is a manufacturer of innovative pet products with an emphasis on licensed brands.

    Product categories include grooming and oral care, stain and odor control, treats and chews, apparel and accessories, toys, bowls and feeders, collars and leashes, aquarium, and small animal care supplies. Fetch…for pets! is built on the spirit of innovation & creativity and will continue to revolutionize the pet industry with new product lines & brands.

    About Just Born Quality Confections:

    Just Born Quality Confections is a third-generation family-owned company that has grown into the 9th largest candy company in the U.S. Just Born is the maker of some of America’s most beloved and iconic brands – PEEPS®, MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES® and GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS®. In 1923, the founder, Sam Born, opened a small candy-making and retail store in Brooklyn, New York, where he marketed the freshness of his daily-made candy with a sign that declared, “Just Born.” Together with Born’s brothers-in-law, Irv and Jack Shaffer, the company thrived in spite of the economic depression of the 1930s and, in 1932, moved its operations to Bethlehem, PA, which is still home to their iconic candy brands. All Just Born candies are proudly made in the U.S.A. For more information, please visit www.justborn.com. Follow us: facebook.com/JustBornInc, twitter.com/JustBornInc.

    About Just Born Retail Group:

    Just Born Retail Group is a division of Just Born Quality Confections that brings the iconic candy brands

    to life, with an array of high-quality branded items such as apparel, plush, accessories and gifts for

    shoppers of all ages. Fans can find the fun in three PEEPS & COMPANY® www.peepsandcompany.com and in popular mass retailers across the country. Visit the PEEPS & COMPANY® online store or one of three retail stores located in Center Valley, PA, National Harbor, MD and the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN for great seasonal and evergreen gifts.

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    Doggy Shopping A+ on Barker Kitsen

    Check out Barker Kitsen, a new website that helps dog owners find the best locally sourced and socially responsible pet products.

    • Founder Candace Dannenbaum started researching pet products in 2010 after her dog Toby had a health scare. By using items from under the radar brands– brands not available at her big chain pet stores — she was able to nurse Toby back to life. Candace has since made it her mission to get amazing yet unknown pet products into consumers’ hands.
    • Barker Kitsen is organized by city and showcases top boutique brands made in the US and Canada. For instance, brands from San Francisco are here and New York are here.
    • Lastly, Barker Kitsen has original content to help dog owners discover pet-friendly ways to experience their city.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.47.46 PM

    Dog’s Life Lounge Bed by P.L.A.Y. (made in San Francisco; ultra-soft velvet material, eco-friendly; sizes S-XL; $108-$228)

    Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.47.53 PM

    Truffle Mac & Cheese treats by Bocce’s Bakery (made in NYC; made with human-grade ingredients, no preservatives or chemicals; $9.50)

    Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.48.00 PM

    Hank the Hippo Toy by Jax and Bones (made in Los Angeles; eco-friendly, hand tied rope; $16)