The Connection between Who you Date and What you Eat @AYIDATING

What you put in your mouth says a lot about you, or rather, who will date you. After analyzing 2.4 million interactions, dating site discovered just how much your dietary preferences affect your dating life.


The data they found can not only help you find your perfect match, but can help you decide where to take your date out to eat just by looking at their profile—because there’s no faster way to ruin a first date than taking a vegetarian out to a steakhouse! Here’s what says to look for:

  • Gender—It turns out that men prefer vegetarian women 11% more than meat eaters, yet women prefer meat eaters 13% more than vegetarians.
  • Ethnicity—Indians are 11x more likely than all other ethnicities to be vegetarian, while Native Americans (followed by African-Americans) are the most likely to be meat eaters. Asians most often identify as healthy eaters—twice as often as African-Americans or Caucasians.
  • Religion—Christians are the most likely to be meat eaters, while Hindus are over 8x more likely than any other religion to be vegetarian/vegan.
  • Education—According to, the more education you have, the more likely you are to be a healthy eater. Those with a Ph.D. are 3x more likely than someone with any other degree to be vegetarian, while those without any collegiate experience are 17% more likely than all other education levels to be meat eaters.
  • Location—It’s no surprise that the state your date is from also plays a role in how healthily they eat. California, New York and Florida are the three states with the highest percentage of healthy eaters, while North Dakota, West Virginia and Montana are the least healthy. So if you’re taking a California girl out, you might want to stay away from that greasy burger joint, but if she’s from North Dakota, she might appreciate the grub!


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