Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid

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Amazing customized leggings that have 4 ways stretch that make a statement. These leggings have been to the depths of the sea to the heights of trapeze, from downward dog to hundred-meter dash, and from salsa spins to festival cartwheels. The latest dye-sublimation technology ensures your colors won’t fade, and our industry-first Seattle manufacturing facility guarantees quality in every stitch.

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Bombsheller leggings are designed by folks who want to see their own ideas materialize into fashion must-haves. Any artist  can create designs for us. They keep the rights to their work, set their own royalties, and profit from each sale.

Bombsheller custom leggings are made on demand, so everything is always in stock, there’s no inventory to slow down any order, and there’s no overstock headed to the trash heap. By automating the production process, Bombsheller made it just as easy to create a single pair of leggings as it is to make one thousand. This means we can turn orders around with ninja-like speed and minimal waste.

I have been wearing mine, designed by ENFU a lot!!  So happy with them and 100% recommend them 😉

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