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    Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid

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    Amazing customized leggings that have 4 ways stretch that make a statement. These leggings have been to the depths of the sea to the heights of trapeze, from downward dog to hundred-meter dash, and from salsa spins to festival cartwheels. The latest dye-sublimation technology ensures your colors won’t fade, and our industry-first Seattle manufacturing facility guarantees quality in every stitch.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.15.34 PM

    Bombsheller leggings are designed by folks who want to see their own ideas materialize into fashion must-haves. Any artist  can create designs for us. They keep the rights to their work, set their own royalties, and profit from each sale.

    Bombsheller custom leggings are made on demand, so everything is always in stock, there’s no inventory to slow down any order, and there’s no overstock headed to the trash heap. By automating the production process, Bombsheller made it just as easy to create a single pair of leggings as it is to make one thousand. This means we can turn orders around with ninja-like speed and minimal waste.

    I have been wearing mine, designed by ENFU a lot!!  So happy with them and 100% recommend them 😉

    Check them out on http://bombsheller.com

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    Me and The Sony Bloggie at @TAP_toronto 2012

    About a week ago, I attended the opening night preview of The Artist Project over at exhibition place. A handful of bloggers/online personalities were invited to celebrate The Artist Project’s fifth anniversary, and we also got a chance to try out the new Sony Bloggie Touch 8GB HD. This was my first Artist Project event, so I was super excited to see what was in store; and I can’t lie, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of those Sony Bloggies.

    I’m always BLOWN AWAY when I attend shows that display peoples creativity, and I often leave convinced that these people have magic minds, hands, spirits, you name it, cause their work is so amazing! I had loads of fun oohing, aahing, and imagining all the art pieces in my tiny apartment… a girl can dream. I captured my adventures of The Artist Project using the Sony Bloggie Touch, which is so easy to use by the way. It’s light, takes good pictures, and it’s super cute! The best part is that once you’re done taking your pictures and/or video, you can just plug it into your computer and upload your pictures to your computer/desired social network/email etc, as it comes with a built in usb flip out arm. Need one. Want one. NOW.

    The show featured 200 artists, and was on for 4 days. I managed to take in all 200 artists in one night, and it was heavenly 🙂 Here are some of my favorite pieces!

    Tone an artist from Montreal

    I love these


    these are cute and scary at the same time…

    ugh… yes.

    love these by Judy Sherman

    Another one by Judy Sherman

    I love this… but is scares me lol- Erlichman Yael

    Christine Kim

    Nissim Ben Aderet

    Dana Filibert

    Another one by Dana Filibert

    I want these…


    Another one by Erlichman Yael

    ha ha ha

    there was some gooood food.

    Girls in pink wigs, and pink shoes, handing out starburst!

    Rhiana Sneyd

    The Sony Bloggie Touch

    Thanks to Sheryl for inviting me, I had lots of fun!

    peace and love


  • Toronto

    The Prospects

    The relationship between HDY and What’sGoodToronto.com has always been one of mutual love and support that’s why I am so excited to share the next event with all of our HDY readers!

    The bowys of WhatsGoodToronto are about to launch their first of many concert/contest series called… The Prospects! Teaming up with Black Leaf clothing, DC Music and The Prospects Media group tomorrow night will bring out some of Toronto’s freshest MC’s!

    Come support your city, Toronto… all of the info below! #xoxo



  • WorldWide

    “Everyone’s #&*$%3@ and They Don’t Even Know”

    I love everything about this song… especially the line in this posting’s title! LOL! Every time it comes on its ‘azz on the floor’… dance, dance, dance! Mother Mother is a 5-piece Canadian indie band from BC, starting with the name Mother they released their debut self-titled album in 2005.

    *”In the summer of 2006, the band opened for the Australian band, The Cat Empire, at the sold-out Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Soon after, the band began to gain even more national acclaim, and received a gig at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, which was Mother Mother’s first show in Eastern Canada. Afterwards, Mother Mother played a series of shows in Toronto, and later a full-page article about the band was featured in the Toronto Star. In October 2006, after playing a set at the Pop Montreal Festival, Mother Mother met with Last Gang Records (MetricDeath From Above 1979), and later signed a four album contract”.


    I loved this song & only when I went to get info and blog about it did I find out they were Canadian! Love it!


    *Quoted from wikipedia