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    Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid

      Untitled #120 by heydoyou featuring iphone cases Rag bone JEAN jean jacket, $545 / Converse high top / Wildfox cat eye glasses / Bear hat / Iphone case / Topshop lipstick, $13 / Balenciaga fragrance Amazing customized leggings that have 4 ways stretch that make a statement. These leggings have been to the depths of the sea to the heights of trapeze, from downward dog to hundred-meter dash, and from salsa spins to festival cartwheels. The latest dye-sublimation technology ensures your colors won’t fade, and our industry-first Seattle manufacturing facility guarantees quality in every stitch. Bombsheller leggings are designed by folks who want to see their own ideas materialize into…

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    Win @HanesHosiery

    I love tights but they rip on me soooooo easily. I am lucky if they last 1 wear 🙁  Am I really that careless? But no worries – I will always love and wear tights!  Now you can win some too! We want to give you a pair of Hanes Hosiery just for participating in our Celebrate Your Style Sweepstakes on Facebook. Share a photo of yourself rocking your favorite outfit that includes tights (the tights don’t have to be Hanes Hosiery) and tell ten of your Facebook friends about it, and we’ll send you a pair of tights – it’s that easy. On top of that, we’ll be picking weekly winners,…

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    In the Biz: Sophie Kos

    I met this lil mama at Bloomies over the weekend and she has great style!  She is the designer of LeggBlings – a sassy leggings line that caters to everyone from babies to adults.  Start young and do what you love. http://www.leggblings.com

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    Crazy Legs

    weird is good 🙂 I love the period between fall and spring as it’s the best time to break out the crazy stockings/leggings. I’ve had everything from leopard print, zebra striped, rose petaled, to tights with a million faces on them. After taking a look at my tights, one girl said to me that she was nervous about wearing crazy stockings/leggings cause she was worried people would think she was/looked weird… I said, who cares… then again I like weird. i like it a lil crazy… It’s common knowledge that people have different tastes and ideas of  what is considered “style”. I say that  you should wear whatever makes you…