Designer Shoe Sale 2015 @ShoeBlowoutSale



It’s my favorite time of the year again!  The Designer Shoe Warehouse Sale will be held at the International Centre Hall 1 this year!  Don’t miss the chance to get shoes, sandals, boots, slippers, wedges, ballet shoes and come hither heels at 50-80% off.  They have over 30,000 pairs of shoes, many of them are samples and one of a kind too.  So bring a friend or two and come celebrate the love of shoes at this #Shoeblowoutsale extravaganza.

Here are some shopping tips:

1. Bring a friend! She/He will always give you an honest opinion

2. Divide and conquer! If you and your friend are not the same shoe size, you can always look out for styles in other sizes

3. Wear flats, ballet flats or Toms so you can easily slip them on and off while trying on shoes

4. Be nice and offer advice to other shoppers, after all you are all shoe lovers!

5. Don’t wear too many accessories like scarves, sunglasses or clutches. Fussy items have no place in a sample sale of this caliber.

If you post on IG, ask your followers their opinion if you cannot decide yay or nay. Use the hashtag #shoeblowoutsale and tag @designershoesale.

See you at the sale!