Fodeez Family Schedulers by Valarie Moody

While summer break means fun in the sun for kids, many moms are left with an even greater challenge of balancing ever-changing schedules of activities and events. From camp to pool parties, Fodeez® Family Scheduler is a mom’s schedule lifesaver. With its award winning design, the stylish peel and stick frame and clear film front allows families to keep track of everyone’s activities and add or erase along the way.

Here’s how it works:                          

·      Simply print out the month’s calendar from your calendar software.

·      Place the calendar print out under the Fodeez® Calendar Frame.

·      Add events with a dry erase marker as they come in.

·      At the end of the month, wipe the calendar clean for a fresh start!

·      Print out next month’s schedule and start again!

·      Use on ANY smooth, hard surface INCLUDING stainless steel and wood with no

damage or sticky residue left behind!

·      Available for $8.99 at

This spring, Fodeez has introduced its Spring 2015 collection of Fodeez Family Scheduler frames inspired by Etsy’s most talented graphic design artists, Cornucopia Art Designs, LunaBluDesign and PrintableSupplies. There’s a print, style and color to suit any personality!

Fodeez® was created for families who create memories. Fodeez® award-winning peel and stick photo frame are taking over fridges, walls, and other smooth surfaces across the nation. Their reusable design, dry erase capabilities, and diverse array of chic patterns make them a fun and easy choice for displaying all of life’s favorite moments.

Fodeez® NEW Birth and New Baby Announcementsare the perfect way to share the news of a new addition with friends and family.  As baby grows, family and friends simply swap out new photos and add the old pictures to any keepsake album.  Any personalized birth details or special messages can be featured on the back of the announcement.

Valarie Moody, inventor and owner of Fodeez® Frames, spent four years perfecting the final product before releasing it to the market in 2013. That year it went on to compete at INPEX 2013, the largest tradeshow for inventors in America, where it earned three gold medals for excellence in Arts/Crafts,Advertising, and Household Novelty, as well as the prestigious ranking of Invention of the Year. Fodeez was recently picked as a top finalist in six categories at the National Stationary Show!

The entire collection including the Fodeez® Family Schedulers are available at For those super busy families, bulk pricing is also available!