Show Your Skin Some Love with Chuda Hydrating Cream

I have used so many skincare products in the past and done some real ‘experimentation’ with my skin. Some have been okay, a few had little or no effect and there are a just a select number that exceeds all expectations and earn the top shelf position in my beauty cabinet!

Recently tried a new line called Chuda. It has unconventional matte packaging and a bright red top. The jar is definitely bold and unconventional. I was very curious. From the looks of this luxurious lotion, it is SERIOUS about its claims.  Perhaps it is the final frontier for skin care and the answer to all your problems!

Chuda was created by Dr. Ocher and it will remedy all of the winter weather damage, and get your skin ready for Spring!

Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream was created from the remedea compound with ingredients found in the mountains of Georgia, a Turmanidz family secret passed down for generations, tracing back over a 1000 years. It was used throughout history to treat traumatized skin wounds, including on the battlefield; and, amongst many other household uses, is effective in soothing burns, sunburn, windburn, etc. Chuda has now been made available to the outside world for the FIRST time ever to prominent NYC-based physician Dr. Elena Ocher. After hiring a top notch chemist to combine original Turmanidze age-old compound with medical grade, state-of-the-art ingredients, Chuda was created and has already been medically proven to heal skin in just hours by creating a deep penetrating “healing dome”.

Pristine skin mavens like, Lily-Rose Depp and Katie Couric grabbed up as much as they could to heal their wind-kissed faces at Sundance. Making Chuda the “must have” product in your beauty arsenal. I have already starting using Chuda for the past week and I have seen results already.