No More Shrinking, Fading and Stretching with Dryel

When you shop with fast fashion the way I do at Boohoo, Forever 21 and such – they usually don’t last long. It’s not so much that it goes out of style but more because they faded or lost shape quickly. The list of my laundry mishaps is long and funny.

I have been treating and washing my clothes with Dryel in the last few months and it has made a world of difference.  It even works well with denim and dark clothes too. As a former New Yorker, I am still very much into my black ensembles.

Dryel® uses a patented process to clean your dry clean only and special care clothes.

  • The heat of your dryer activates the cleaning solution in the ULTRAcleaning Cloth™ to release a steam that removes body soils and odors from the clothes.
  • The Fabric Protection Bag maintains the optimal balance of cleaning agents and heat, allowing the steam to work thoroughly through the clothes, and then slowly vents the vapors out of the bag and dryer.
  • Dryel Booster Spray includes extra cleaning agents to remove stains, and add freshness to heavily soiled areas prior to putting the garments through the in-dryer system.

Using Dryel, it seems like all our clothes last longer and retain their shape even after multiple wash cycles!


Dryel is the best way to safely and thoroughly clean your special care clothes at home. The patented Fabric Protection Bag protects clothes and concentrates the gentle cleaning vapor from the ULTRAcleaning™ cloth for optimal cleaning performance. No fading, shrinking, or stretching like caused by wet washing or dry cleaning.

Dryel works in the convenience of your dryer in as little as 15 minutes and saves up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning. So, when you have suits, dresses, or even jeans and sweaters that need to be cleaned, skip the hassle, expense, and harsh chemicals of the dry cleaner. Choose Dryel instead.