Cool products for your car


You don’t have to be driving around in the newest model of a sports car to feel amazing in your ride. There are easy (and relatively cheap) upgrades that you can invest in to make any car instantly cooler.

It’s important that any modifications or add-ons you choose for your vehicle are legal and don’t cause a distraction, which could lead to a car accident. It’s much more important to be safe than to look good; however, if you ever are involved in a collision, speak to a Greenville car accident lawyer.

A license plate bottle opener
Obviously, this bottle opener that fits perfectly on your license plate shouldn’t be used for any alcohol for the driver, but it will certainly make you popular at any parking lot parties, and even allow you to open an ice-cold glass bottle of Coke on a hot day – perfection.

Car headrest pillow
If you’re someone who drives a lot, you might find that your car seat can get pretty uncomfortable. Invest in these comfortable headrest pillows for a little more support during those long road trips.

Solar-powered coaster lights
Put these handy lights into your cup holders, and when it gets dark, they’ll light up in neon color and look amazing. They’re not too bright to cause an issue, but look great when you put a bottle on top, and the light shines through.

Car mats
As standard, the mats you tend to get with a car are just standard-issue black mats that seem to show up all of the dirt, dust, and debris. There are so many other options available to buy to make your car seem a little bit fancier and show off your own personal style.

A mini air diffuser
The only thing better than a car that looks good is one that smells good too! Most car air diffusers plug into your cigarette lighter and take up about the same space as a travel mug. Choose a scent that makes you happy, and switch it up seasonally, but stay away from lavender as that will make you sleepy!

A cigarette lighter multi USB plug
Being able to charge your phone while you drive is a huge benefit, especially if you are using it for music or directions. Invest in a multiplug with several USB slots, to allow your friends to all charge their phones too.

Colorful car seat covers
Not only do the car seat covers help protect your seats from crumbs and stains, but they can also really brighten up your interiors and have your car looking brand new, even if the seats underneath are a little worn out.

An air freshener
The original car accessory – you can get air fresheners in many different scents and with designs on from your favorite sports team to TV themed ones.

So whether you’ve got a brand new ride, or you’re still driving your first beat-up truck, these accessories can really make your car cool.