Why do people go bankrupt? 

We’ve all worried about our finances from time to time, whether we’re struggling to get to the end of the month, or there’s an unexpected expense and it’s thrown our financial balancing act into chaos. Sadly for some people, their money troubles only seem to get worse and after months or even years of struggling to regain their financial footing, they’re left facing bankruptcy.

When you have debts mounting against you it can feel as though you’re swimming against the tide, however, if you’re struggling financially, you’ll find bankruptcy help here, just click the link for more information. There are many reasons why individuals file for bankruptcy, read on to discover the most common reasons. 


Sometimes things just don’t work out, and if you’re left facing a divorce or a separation then you could end up with more than a broken heart. Divorce and separation proceedings are a common factor in bankruptcy cases. Often, the legal costs alone can leave many divorcees stumbling to pick up the cost of the proceedings. 

Then there’s the division of assets such as property, vehicles, businesses and other items of value. If there are children involved, then there may also be child support to consider. If the cost of your divorce leaves you struggling to manage your other bills then it may already be too late to swim against this tide of rising debts.  

Sudden expenses

If you’ve suddenly lost your home to fire, flooding a natural disaster or you’re struggling to recover from a theft or even a death in the family, then bankruptcy could be on the cards. If you’re not insured or prepared for these sudden expenses, then you’re left with little financial breathing room. If you lose everything in a disaster, then starting completely from scratch may not be financially viable right now. 

A lack of spending control

We all have bad habits, but if spending too much money is your bad habit then you could be facing more than just an overflowing wardrobe. A lack of control over spending can lead to all kinds of debts mounting up, and you have no way of paying this money back. Even if you have a job, if all your salary is going on your credit or store card debts then you’re going to end up borrowing more to cover your essentials. This vicious circle often ends with bankruptcy.  

Losing your job

Perhaps you’ve been formally terminated for a mistake, you’ve been made redundant or the company you work for has folded, however you’ve lost your job it’s likely that you’re now in a difficult financial position. In today’s economy and flooded job market, finding a new job to cover your bills isn’t going to be easy. You may have to settle for a lower paid job to guarantee some sort of income, yet it might not be enough to cover the payments for your home or your car. This is usually when people reach for their credit cards and place themselves in even more debt.

Final thoughts…

If you’re worried about your financial situation, don’t panic. Reach out to a debt advice service for more information and guidance.