We all deal with anxiety sometimes. Most of the things designed to help us cope are either literally toys, or conspicuous and cumbersome. Calm Strips are sensory adhesives. They are made from a thin but extremely hardy and durable vinyl. Crafted to help with sensory needs and fidgeting by grounding you in a calming scene and giving you a gentle, but textured, surface as a stimulus.

Calm Strips feature a water-resistant, textured finish that is equal parts durable and satisfying to the touch. You can scratch at them with your nails if you are looking for a rougher feel, or rub them with your fingertip for a more soothing experience. You get the resistance you want without worrying about scratching fingertips, nails… or laptop screens.

“It’s as if there is sand under the paper rather than on it. Nothing sharp or uncomfortable. It’s textured, but not rough.“

                                                                –  Barbara G., one of Calm Strips customers

Calm Strips use a high-quality reusable adhesive to ensure them stay wherever you attach them. They also leave little or no residue on when you remove them. This means you can peel or pick at Calm Strips… and they can be reused time and time again. The materials are rated to stand up to the elements, including water and sanitizing, for up to 4 years.

Each design is carefully selected from the works of eclectic artists; including painters, muralists, and cutting-edge digital artists. Calm Strips utilize a high-quality, digital printing process to ensure vibrant colors and sharp details.

Rainbow Sunrise (10 Calm Strips) $19.99

Inspired by sunrises and rainbows in and around our home state of Virginia.
Includes five each of Morning Sea and our newest style, After The Rain.

Night Sky Over Antelope Canyon (10 Calm Strips) $19.99

Inspired by the beauty of the dark night sky over Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

Each collection of Calm Strips embody a calming scene in nature, like the beauty of the night sky over the majestic Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Calm Strips think of it as carrying a little bit of that calm feeling with you… always.

Calm Strips make nice and sweet holiday gifts, giving your family a unique and functional gift with LOVE! Calm Strips were designed with both adults and children in mind. They can be used both by a parent working from home and their child doing distant learning. When children return to school they can use them to focus in class, without distracting themselves or other students.