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    @Absolutvodka_us Thirsty Thursday

      As the weather warms up and summer nights make you giggle uncontrollably… I have recently decided to mentally prepare for my life as a full time wifey… with the entertaining skills to match. As you know, these skills don’t come overnight nor is there a Youtube tutorial on how-to-be. It take a lifetime of being spoiled, going to endless events to hone in on the ‘art of entertaining’. First up, how to shake up a mean cocktail. I envision my life with mi amour to be filled with dinner parties, hosting international guests and evenings filled with clinking, laughing and happy murmurs. Umm.. maybe not so soon but I guess we can start with learning a…

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    Absolut Brooklyn

    A Spike Lee Collabo. LOVE … so what’s your stoop story? *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    You are such a peach

    (image from http://www.absolutdrinks.com)   How to make Absolut Apeach Melba 2 Parts ABSOLUT Apeach 1 Part Peach Liqueur 1 Part Cream 1 Part Chambord Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy 🙂

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    Thursday was a very busy, but very exciting day for me. After my last exam for the summer, I rushed over to the ABSOLUT Vodka Art Installation at Bay Station , where I got to meet and interview the very talented Justin Broadbent. He’s such a cool, intelligent, down to earth guy; it’s always good to see someone who followed their dream, didn’t give up and has succeeded and is enjoying the fruits of their hard labour =) He hasn’t limited himself to just one form of art, and has dabbled in just about everything, which is what his piece encourages. You can make anything you want for yourself, for…

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    In an ABSOLUT world opportunities always pop up!

    I am SOOOOOO EXCITED! Tomorrow I will be attending the Media Sneak Preview of the ABSOLUT Art Installation event, where I will be interviewing successful Canadian Artist, Justin Broadbent! Justin Broadbent, a successful graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, and photographer has been commissioned by ABSOLUT vodka to transform the lower BAY subway station (An unused TTC line that was built in 1970s), to his vision of what an ABSOLUT world where opportunities always pop up might look like. His mission is to bring the phrase, “In an ABSOLUT world opportunities always pop up.” to life! Justin was one of the feature artists at this year’s AGO MASSIVE Party. His recent…

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    Get with the Cocktail Movement!!

    Delicious Cocktails + Good looking people + exciting “Swag” Bags = The AMAZING Drinks Show 2009!!! I was honoured to witness these mixologists experimenting with taste to create mind blowing, tongue tantalising, and eye pleasing cocktails! I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Hunt, creator of the fabulous Martini Club! She put me onto the amazing Dusk Martini: 360 Eco Luxury Vodka stirred with white creme de cacao, served icy cold and sprinkled with shaved Dove Dusk Chocolate! HOT mixologists… MMMmmm The Amarula Indulgence Cocktail was to die for! Everybody was having such a GOOD TIME! LOVES IT!! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they had samples…