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    Ingestible Beauty with ioBeauty + @occmakeup

    Last week I got the most curious email!  It is a beauty product that has uses super-fruit properties to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. So here is how you can banish signs of aging by treating yourself with an Ingestible Beauty Cocktail! Oh the things I would do for flawless skin! So there are 3 ways you can do this… I am wearing OCC liptar in Butch (Periwinkle Blue) 1. Take drops directly onto your tongue!  Tastes yummy like any gogi, acai supplement really. Looks so Twilight right? 2. You can mix it with any drink. I mixed it with water. Taste like nothing really. Really watered down juice kind…

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    Xenadrine Cleanse Plus

    I saw this at CVS today and just had to try it… Experiments are so fun. 7 day cleanse. Let’s see what happens. It’s patent pending and here are the ingredients. Detox… here we go! Super Antioxidant Acai Plus -acai fruit concentrate – mango fruit – black currant fruit – Guava – Peach – Kiwi – Red Raspberry leaf – Senna Leaf extract -cascara sagrada bark – fennel seed – horse chestnut see -prickly pear leaf -bearberry leaf -fructooligosaccharides -gum arabic interesting… I’ll let you know how it goes ^_^