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    In Love w. Louis

    I love ad’s that catch my attention and when it comes to fashion (especially couture) its becoming more and more difficult to decipher between designers when it comes to print!

    I spotted this ad in the April 2011 edition of UK Vogue and immediately fell in love! I’m obsessed with intricacy and detail so the Lurex Guipure pieces like the monogram fan in this above and seen on the runway below takes me beyond excitement.  The campaign is sexy, racy and daring… everything that France and Louis Vuitton should be. xo.



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    Colorful Tampons

    I saw this in a magazine the other day and thought th was kind of weird. Almost as weird as this picture below.

    WHAT. THE.

    Wait but there is more

    HUH.. This is what the French came up with?

    U By Kotex is trying something new. Can’t knock em for it.. But what do you really think?

    If you really have an opinion – why dont you Tweet it to them here

    And here is the coupon from Kotex of course… :] yup.

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    Old Spice Ads

    I am officially IN LOVE with the Old Spice ads!  I watched so many of them and rolled around the couch laughing so hard my stomach hurt. This one is really my favorite.  *kudos* to Wieden & Kennedy… the go-to agency now for many many amazing brands.   AND I love the tiger of course…

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    Bebe Summer Ad Campaign

    Photographer Giuliano BEKOR photographed model Diane Moldovan for the BEBE summer campaign and catalogue. The styling was carried out by Ariane Philips. The pictures from the campaign can currently be viewed in all the usual fashion and lifestyle publications, as well as on posters in major cities all over the world.

    How do I pronounce ‘bebe’? 
    When trying to pronounce the bebe name, think of “to be… or not to be” – the phrase that inspired Manny Mashouf when he opened the first bebe San Francisco boutique in 1976. Mashouf selected the name ‘bebe’ reflecting on the Shakespearean reference “to be… or not to be” for inspiration. The word bebe also has literal translations, including the Turkish word for woman and the Persian name for the queen in a deck of cards. It seems only fitting that the name bebe reinforces the mission of the company: to satisfy the fashion needs of the modern, sexy and sophisticated woman.

    from window shopping to WINDOWS shopping  www.bebe.com

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