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    Snacking with @HomeFreeTreats

    Jill Robbins started Home Free Treats! She is a mom, and a clinical psychologist and realized how important it is for kids with food allergies and sensitivities to feel included at social occasions, where a sweet treat is often part of the fun.  Home Free Treats has a line of delicious, wholesome cookies and cakes, as well as a  cookbook full of easy to make allergy friendly recipes, so that people with food allergies and other special dietary needs can enjoy treats along with everyone else. Seeing the smiles on the faces of kids eating HomeFree cookies and cakes, you’ll feel good knowing that these really are treats you can trust. “…

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    Renegade Kitchen

    Damn!  Dan Kohler is so fresh :] Met him yesterday at Food Fete and he is just more than amazing. This is the kinda men we find here Brooklyn!   This is what I call a soul-connection. Enjoy! Soft Pretzels from Renegade Kitchen on Vimeo. Dig it. Renegade Kitchen finds the independent manufacturers, bakers, restaurants, and chefs in your town who are making life easier for people living with food allergies. We post exclusive video-interviews with these cats, giving you the stories behind their products. Check in for weekly recipe updates, RenegadeKitchen.com is your place for living gluten-free, dairy-free, whatever-you-want-free http://www.renegadekitchen.com   “Life tastes better when you’re not single. Cook…