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    LYNQ – More ports for your MacBook

    LYNQ is designed to bring the ports you’re used to back to the new MacBook or ChromeBook. It connects to your computer’s USB (Type C) port and gives you all the ports you’ll ever need! LYNQ will even let you charge your MacBook and mobile phone at the same time while using both.



    LYNQ gives you all the ports you need to connect to the devices you love.


    LYNQ gives you 3 extra powered USB ports that lets you connect printers, portable hard-drives, keyboard, MIDI instruments, thumb drives and more! Plus, you can charge your iPhone.


    LYNQ has a standard SD and a micro SD card reader built in. You can access high capacity (HC) and extra capacity XC cards up to 2 Terabyte.  You can also keep your high-capacity micro-SD card installed and turn LYNQ into portable USB-C backup drive for your laptop.


    Get smooth, full screen HD (1080P) or Ultra-HD (2160P) with LYNQ. It mirrors or extends the video from your MacBook’s USB C port to any large screen TV or  projector. It’s the perfect way to share videos, presentations and more.


    Connect to your work’s secure wired network or administer network devices such as modems and routers with LYNQ’s built-in Ethernet high-speed port. IT supports speeds from 10BaseT to 1000BaseT and is always there in case you ever need it.


    When connected to your MacBook, LYNQ can charge and sync your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.


    LYNQ doesn’t get in the way of you charging your new MacBook. It’s USB Type-C port also allows you to connect your wall charger to recharge your laptop. You can continue to use connected drives and peripherals without skipping a beat.

    WHY LYNQ ?

    ARE YOU READY FOR THE USB-C REVOLUTION? The latest and upcoming models of Apple’s MacBook, and other PC’ Laptops are getting thinner and manufacturers are moving away from the larger USB (Type A) connector to the smaller, USB (Type C) connector. This makes many of the existing devices we own unable to easily connect to the newer computers. Plus, these thinner laptops lack many of the extra ports we need like SD card readers, video output and more. LYNQ is design to ease the transition to the newer USB Type-C equipped computers and give you all the ports you need to connect with the devices you already own.

    Dollar for dollar, LYNQ offers more ports than the Apple AV Multi-port adapter designed for the MacBook 12″. Plus, early bird supporters can take advantage of LYNQ early bird pricing at only $75!

  • Toronto

    Win Accessories for the iPhone 5 with @iSkin

    “Apple practically announced the iPhone 5 with its Sept. 12th press invitation,” says Andrew Ackloo, CEO of iSkin. “It’s going to be the most feature-packed iPhone launch in Apple’s history, and we know everyone will want one. That’s why we are preparing to release our line of accessories, which will be unveiled shortly after the iPhone 5 is launched.”

    Stay tuned as the world is getting set to release iSkin trend-setting accessories for the iPhone 5.

    Enter for a chance to win an iPhone 5 when it becomes available and we’ll also give you $5 off our iPhone 5 product releases.

    Go to iSkin.com for details

  • New York

    New @DucatiUSA x @iSkin

    Last month, I went to the New York Ducati store reopening  and was blown away by all the hot bikes and enthusiasts. Funny I noticed how everyone was taking pics with the iPhone 4S.  What a brilliant collabo!  The best Mac accessory company iSkin and Ducati did a special collection just in time for Christmas.

    The Ducati Collection by iSkin has been borne from these two great brands to produce stylish, protective carriers and holders for high-tech devices, that will fulfill the desires of performance-inspired technoistas the world over. The distinctive looks and superior quality of the product line, which feature the highest quality, premium fabrics like Italian nylon, and a Red/Black/White color scheme, will ignite the passion of envious onlookers.

    “Ducati has a rich history of performance and quality,” says Andrew Ackloo, iSkin President and CEO. “This partnership allows us to provide the style-conscious tech consumer the chance to participate in that history in a very unique way.”

    “We are delighted to be teaming-up with iSkin, a company which clearly champions the same product passion as Ducati,” said Lucio Attina, Director of Ducati Apparel & Brand Development. “Their innovative design and style combined with high performance functionality, mirror the fundamental features of our motorcycles and we now look forward to the association as we prepare for 2012.”

    The collection is cut to universally fit the world’s most loved devices. Some key pieces include the Sling, an innovative body messenger bag for iPad, iPad 2, or similar-sized tablets and netbooks. The Jimmy, with spacious compartments to hold your laptops, tablets, other devices and much more. Summit puts an urban flair to iPad and iPad 2 (or similar-sized tablets and netbooks) sleeves, and delicately carries your device in strikingly lightweight, padded Italian nylon, reminiscent of current winter trends. The Lil Keeper is its smaller kin and adds a much needed fashion punch to point-and-shoot camera and iPhone 4/4S pouches out there. A brand new line of sleek, ultra-thin cases will also be available soon for the latest iPhone and BlackBerry® models.

    The complete Ducati Collection by iSkin is available immediately at iSkin.com/Ducati and a selection of the collection will be available at shop.ducati.com. It will be rolled out to select premium outlets in the coming months.

    See the whole collection at www.iskin.com