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    Fancy Ways to Show Your iPad Love @Dockem @iSkin

    I LOVE my iPad. I use it all the time for Pinterest, games, cooking and watching shows.  My iPad gets a lot of love. I won my first iPad at an event and dropped it so had to get a replacement. This iPad2 has been by my side for almost 2 years and I still adore it!  Even if you don’t have the newest iPad mini, Retina or super duper – You can still show your iPad some love in a few ways.

    1. Jazz up your iPad with a new cover from iSkin $69 (now on sale!)

    Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.14.52 PM

    The Aura2 Happy Friends is the cutest case I have ever seen!  It is really well made and sturdy. I put my credit card in the card slot on the inner sleeve so it is really handy for late night shopping oops! Bright and vibrant, it is made with exceptional detail and high quality for everyday use.


    • Multi-Functional Folio
    • Printed Canvas
    • Card Pocket + Identity Theft Protection Feature
    • Auto Shut-Off Feature
    • Heavy Duty Stitching
    • Camera and Speaker Cut-Outs


    2. Get a tiny beanbag chair for your iPad from Dockem iProp $25-$35

    The iProp is so cute!  It has a nonslip silicone lip that can carry any device less than 17mm thick which means all iPads, Kindles and tablets! This works so well in bed, in the kitchen and it can unzip to be washed. You can also use the iProp to store your headphones!  Perfect for traveling and to sleep on if you are tiny.  This iPad bed stand came in handy this weekend when I was catching up on Nashville, Scandal and Revenge.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.08.13 PM

    3. Turn it off once in a while!

    Yes that actually really helps the productivity of your iPad 🙂  Which one do you like best?