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    Backstage as CATWALK by TIGI for Jonathan Simkhai

    Heydoyou.com was invited  cover the backstage at Jonathan Simkhai,

    as CATWALK by TIGI, led by Thomas Osborn, sets the tone for AW16.

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    “Frozen Goddess” Jonathan Simkhai AW16 NYFW

    Hair: Catwalk by TIGI, Led by Thomas Osborn, TIGI US Creative Director. Photos: BarronHough.


    “This look was inspired by the idea of a natural, windswept feel. We wanted to keep the front of the hair soft with some “frozen”” pieces and have a Nordic knot down the back. The look is strong, yet not fussy.” said Thomas Osborn.


    Products used: Catwalk by TIGI Bodyfying Spray. Work It Hairspray. Camera Ready Shine Spray.

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    About TIGI: TIGI® is a hair care brand that is strongly influenced by fashion and sold only through professional hairdressers.

    Catwalk by TIGI® connects hairdressing with high fashion.

    A recent collaboration with young British designer Christopher Kane has resulted in a new and closer connection with the world of fashion, taking Catwalk by TIGI® to a new level. The 6 products in the newly re-launched Catwalk Your Highness Volume collection, enable hairdressers to create flawlessly full styles for their clients, whilst Catwalk Curlesque enhances natural curls and waves harnessing the power of the ocean with rich botanicals that deliver extraordinary hydration and definition to all types of curls and waves. The fashion link continues with further product launches later in 2010.



    LULU QU did live sketches at backstage and show.

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    Anna Wintour and Mark Holgate attended the show sitting at the front row.


  • New York

    Backstage Beauty Maria Ke Fisherman SS15 @mariakefisher @TIGICreatives

    Inspiration: Maria Ke Fisherman’s Spring 2015 collection is inspired by the “imperviousness of innocence and youth in the fractal city.” In the  densely populated city, where criminal gangs suppose the only order, one young girl is saved by the last firefighter. With this in mind, CATWALK by TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin developed a strong braided look which softens through the front, speaking perfectly to Maria Ke Fisherman’s impermeable girl.

    Overall Look: Strong, symmetric braids

    Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.34.19 AMHow-To:

    Create a one-inch section of hair at the center, starting at the hairline all the way to the nape (a sort of ‘mohawk’ section of hair). Secure side sections away, leaving center panel for braiding
    Braid center section of hair using a cornrow method from front to back and transitioning into a 3-strand technique when reaching the nape. Secure at the very end with an elastic and fold braid up onto itself; secure with pins
    Divide each side into two sections, spraying front section from hairline to just above the ear with CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray to create a lacquer effect and comb through to smooth flyaways and imperfections; fasten with a clear elastic into a ponytail in front of ear and then 3-strand braid till ends; secure with an elastic
    Divide remaining hair on either side, into two horizontal sections to create triangular segments of hair. Apply CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray and cornrow each of the four segments, starting at the hairline and eventually continuing into a 3-strand braid when reaching the part. Once braids are complete, fold them onto themselves to create your own version of a braid design pending the length of your hair; secure with pins
    Finish by spraying CATWALK® by TIGI® Camera Ready Shine Spray
    Products Used:
    CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray 
    CATWALK® by TIGI® Camera Ready Shine Spray

    To go with this statement hairstyle a very graphic eyeliner so that you can see a bold line across the lid as the models walk the runway but yet a very light blush and soft pink lip for the touch of innocence. To really capture the adolescent look the makeup artist brushed the brow against the natural way to create an unpolished, unplucked look just like young girl’s eyebrows before they begin to shape them and pluck them as they grow older.

    As far as the collection goes…one word: pleather. Black and white Pleather covered everything from jackets, to tops to boots, to pants. A very futuristic feel with platform shoes to really top it all off.

  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    Event LOVE: @WMCFashionWeek pt.4

    Me and Theresa <3 @imesotk

    Did I say Days three and five of World MasterCard Fashion Week SS14 were my favourite? Well, Day Four was all kinds of awesome! We hung out backstage, I got to interview of Nikki Wirthensohn of NARCES (who is just too lovely for words!), we saw the Target show which was just THE BEST (came home with the coziest of blankets!), and course we had all the fun in the world off the runway; taking pics and creating unforgettable memories. Thank you so much, you guys rock!

    Designer Nikki Wirthensohn and two models wearing beautiful dresses from the NARCES SS14 Collection
    In an ideal world, I would wear dresses like this EVERY DAY. Look at all that hand beaded goodness! NARCES SS14
    Our new blogger bestie Kathleen makes interviewing look so good and so easy! #wmcfw
    She’s a sweetheart! And I LIVE for that dress. NARCES #wmcfw
    Always a pleasure TK 🙂 #wmcfw
    Babes! #wmcfw
    beauties 🙂 #wmcfw
    Hey girl heyyyy! #wmcfw
    We were hanging out backstage, so you know I had my camera out and ready to snap some pics! #wmcfw
    Paparazzi! Lol love Carcia #wmcfw
    One of the models getting her hair “did” #wmcfw
    …stalker behaviour lol, I love her hair though! #wmcfw
    The ladies were rocking all kinds of fabulous hats this season of WORLD MASTERCARD FASHION WEEK SS14 #wmcfw
    Some of the ladies who saw the NARCES show complimenting and congratulating Nikki on the collection 🙂 #wmcfw
    The Target Show. The one we were all excitedly waiting for! Do you see those blankets, pillows, and pressies? Oh yeah. It was holiday season up in there!
    Who says Fashion can’t be comfortable??
    Hats are ALWAYS IN. Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Girrrrl, you stay slaying the runway! Naro for Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    We were having fun, the models were having fun, it was awesome! Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Check out lil miss thang werking that runway! Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Model Rich, deciding who to give the gift to 🙂 Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Werk! Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Target SS14 #mykindaholiday
    Mel you are too fabulous for words girl! <3 #wmcfw
    LOVE. #wmcfw
    Reeree, Ese and Sophie chatting up after the show 🙂 #wmcfw
    Septembre was looking too good this season! Even though she was mad at me about some oysters (long story lol), she still gave me a smile when I took her pic! Classy lady 🙂 #wmcfw
    Caitlin Power SS14
    I’ll take the “do”, the shoes, and that jacket thank you! Caitlin Power SS14
    Caitlin Power SS14
    Please and Thank You. Caitlin Power SS14
    I loved this! Caitlin Power SS14
    I NEED everything. Caitlin Power SS14
    The lady of the hour, Caitlin Power! Caitlin Power SS14
    Asa. Girl you were giving me LIFE over and over again! #wmcfw
    Can’t touch this! #wmcfw
    One more just cause 🙂 NARCES SS14 #wmcfw

    I got to the end of this post and I had a huge smile on my face. Thank you to the designers for sharing their collections with us, and thanks to you all for such wonderful memories!