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    Moon Bathing, a new renaissance

    Happy Spring! Girls!

    It’s the time to open your beauty inside and out.

    Bathing is a regular routine for me to feel refresh and relax. It is the time that fully belong to myself. I can listen to music, watch movies, even enjoy a bottle of Champagne. Why not? Ritual bathing is on the verge of a new renaissance — and the contemporary method is to sync these botanical baths with the four phases of the moon. Based on your commitment to trends in health and wellness. So I want to introduce you a new moon bath style – bathing with Moon Bathing.

    True wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. In an increasingly chaotic and over-stimulating world, Moon Bath’s bathing rituals inspire you to create space to slow down, tune in and reconnect.

    Combining ancient wisdom with modern intuitive alchemy, Moon Bath curates earth integrated Botanical Bath Teas, Infused Sundance Sea Salt, Facial Rituals and Sacred Smoke aromatherapy.

    Simple and natural, the products contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives — because those don’t belong on our skin. The ethos of the modern bathing renaissance is to move beyond bathing as simply cleansing ourselves, and toward bathing as an opportunity to drink in through our skin the varied benefits of plant medicine.

    They see the triple bottom line approach to business as an important way to make positive social and environmental change. Their initiatives include sustainable packaging, carbon neutrality, employment of underrepresented populations, and partnerships with socially and environmentally mission driven vendors. Moon Bath is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating at least 1% of annual revenues to qualified environmental nonprofits committed to creating a healthy planet.

    Inspired by living in alignment with the lunar cycles, they invite you to tune in to the rhythms of nature and create space to connect more deeply with yourself through Ayurvedic self-care rituals.

    BOTANICAL BATH TEA — Lunar Collection

    Moon Bath’s Lunar Blends are intentionally crafted Botanical Bath Teas that enhance your connection to the energy of each of the moon’s phases.
    All of the Lunar Blends promote healthy skin, healing and relaxation — but to receive the most potent energetic benefits, Moon Bath encourages you to bathe weekly with the Bath Tea that corresponds to the current phase of the moon. The lunar cycle has four distinct moon phases: New, Waxing, Full and Waning.


    Slip into a warm Moon Bath sweetened with velvety Milk & Honey and drift into a state of bliss. Receive abundant healing nutrients from coconut milk, honey crystals and trace minerals from unrefined sea salt, consciously-mined from the ancient Sundance Sea in Utah. Infused with a blend of sustainably sourced essential oils, this delightful element of the bathing ritual transports you to a state of grounded calm, uplifted mind and connected Spirit.

    BOTANICAL BATH TEA — Nasty Woman

    Nasty Woman is a rally cry that ignites the inner passion for equality and justice, uniting the voices on behalf of the collective wellbeing. By purchasing this product, you are donating $2 to Planned Parenthood and supporting a women-owned business. Enjoy this Nasty Woman Bath Tea to be reminded of how powerful, courageous and resilient you are.

    What makes you nasty?

    COSMIC GLOW – Botanical Face Mask

    Cosmic Glow removes impurities, brightens complexion, detoxifies and calms the skin using purifying Moroccan Rhassoul clay and nourishing Ayurvedic botanicals.

    SACRED SMOKE — Smudge Blend

    Integrate Sacred Smoke into your bathing ritual and ceremonies to clear energy, purify the air and create space to tune in. Our smudge blend weaves together the spiritually grounding yet uplifting essence of Frankincense, Copal, White Sage and Lavender, providing a sweet and earthy ceremonial smoke that will cleanse your space and connect you to Spirit.

    Moon Bath holds a deep reverence for the plants, materials and the people involved in the production of the products. Moon Bath strives to inspire the global community to re-engage with stewardship of their precious earth and communities by taking action to reduce our environmental footprint, uplift one another, and invest in regenerative practices.

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    Event LOVE: #VitabathLuxury at the Park Hyatt Toronto @Vitabath


    We were recently invited to the Vitabath Media Preview to enjoy an afternoon of luxury on the rooftop of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Yorkville. We got pampered with massages, manicures, sipped on cocktails and snacked on tasty hors d’oeuvres; and most importantly we were given a chance to have hands-on experience with a number of the skincare and fragrance products from the Vitabath line.


    “Luxury in a Bottle For over 55 years, Vitabath® luxury skin care has remained unequaled for gentle skin cleansing and conditioning.”


    This was my first experience with Vitabath, and I was pleased to find that they offer an array of bath and beauty skin care products like scented bar soaps, moisturizing lotions, shower gels and exfoliating scrubs. If you’ve ever seen my bathroom, you’ll know that I love me some bath and beauty skin care products! This event was for me baby!20130613_175824




    These cupcakes maaaaaaaaannnnn!20130613_175944





    20130613_181134I loved the holiday collection!





    IMG_20130613_185149Then I got outside and it was raining…

    A big thank you to everyone at Vitabath for inviting us, and for treating us to a wonderful afternoon of luxury!


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    Smell Delicious and Divine with @Vitabath

    Vitabath is a luxury bath product range  that has been around for 55 years, but haven’t lost their touch!

    Reasonably priced and deliciously scented, they offer a range of skin care and body products enriched with botanical extracts and fortified with vitamins.

    My favourite product I’ve tried so far is  the ‘Heavenly Coconut Creme’ from their  Cupcake Couture Range. It is formulated with a blend of antioxidants such as green tea & mangosteen which keep the skin healthy, glowing and actually slow down the signs of aging.  I have been following my showers with using the Heavenly Coconut Creme Body Mist meaning I pretty much smell good enough to eat!

    Vitabath is definitely worth a try, with great deals online including big sales and Buy 1 Get 1 Free Gift Sets online with the promo code: mix match

    learn more online: http://www.myvitabath.com