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    Thursday was a very busy, but very exciting day for me. After my last exam for the summer, I rushed over to the ABSOLUT Vodka Art Installation at Bay Station , where I got to meet and interview the very talented Justin Broadbent. He’s such a cool, intelligent, down to earth guy; it’s always good to see someone who followed their dream, didn’t give up and has succeeded and is enjoying the fruits of their hard labour =) He hasn’t limited himself to just one form of art, and has dabbled in just about everything, which is what his piece encourages. You can make anything you want for yourself, for…

  • Toronto

    In an ABSOLUT world opportunities always pop up!

    I am SOOOOOO EXCITED! Tomorrow I will be attending the Media Sneak Preview of the ABSOLUT Art Installation event, where I will be interviewing successful Canadian Artist, Justin Broadbent! Justin Broadbent, a successful graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, and photographer has been commissioned by ABSOLUT vodka to transform the lower BAY subway station (An unused TTC line that was built in 1970s), to his vision of what an ABSOLUT world where opportunities always pop up might look like. His mission is to bring the phrase, “In an ABSOLUT world opportunities always pop up.” to life! Justin was one of the feature artists at this year’s AGO MASSIVE Party. His recent…

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