• Las Vegas

    Perfect Summer Pick Me Up with Frownies

    This is my first summer in Las Vegas and nothing can prepare you for the dry desert heat! You need naps after your morning swim I needed something to help me feel perky and revitalized. One spritz of Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray, you’ll instantly feel freshened and more awake. With ingredients such as essential rose oil, organic aloe vera, plant-based hyaluronic acid, and comfrey, the Rose Water spray contains loads of antioxidant protection for younger looking skin. No one will able to dim your gorgeous glow this summer, with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray. Enchanting, delicate and pure, this revitalizing toner will keep your face fresh and flawless during the hottest season…

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  • WorldWide

    Incredible Sleep with @Pillo1

    There is no beauty secret that is older or truer than a good night’s rest. During our sleep every night our skin cells regenerate, our bodies rest and our organs digest food. Beside drinking a lot of water, eating tons of fruits and veggies – the only other thing you need is SLEEP! Dr Hall’s Pillo1 is a special designed pillow that maximize your sleep and comfort in every way possible. A ton of pillows does not make better sleep but the right shape pillow will help. The Pillo1 ensure you have the right alignment and heal while u sleep. The Pillo1 I got is a size medium and because…

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  • New York

    Flawless Face with @CoverFX Natural Finish Foundation

    “Cover FX Primers instantly smooth and treat the skin to create a healthy, flawless canvas,” says Cover FX International Makeup Artist Derek Selby. “I like to follow with Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation, my favorite foundation to create a fresh, younger-looking complexion.”  Cover FX launched a bunch of new products and I was excited to check them out.  With the latest product introductions from Cover FX — the authority on healthy foundation — every skin type can achieve the look of complexion perfection. The foundation is oil free and easy to apply, I used it straight out of the tube with a foundation brush and it gave me a flawless…

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  • New York

    Chic Sheets for your Hair

    Keep your hair looking perfect with Chic Sheets™, the easy and convenient hair refreshing towelette that fights frizz, eliminates static, tames flyaways and leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean. It’s the new must- have beauty tool for today’s chic modern woman! Looks and feels like a dryer sheet. 🙂 Similar to make up removal towelettes, Chic Sheets is used to tame your hair! This is totally perfect for this season when scarves, sweaters and jackets are full of static! Keep one in your car and one in your purse. They are really easy to use! If you want to win a pack of Chic Sheets – do the following…

  • New York

    @Joeynybeauty Bye Bye Blackheads Review

    Having blackheads is a problem everyone has whether you have fair skin or dark skin, oily, normal or dry. Blackheads is a natural occurrence even if you clean your face well everyday, if you wear make up or not or even if you are acne prone or not. That’s why there are so many product and DIYs on how to get rid of these tiny black dots on your nose that makes a huge difference. If you are like me and want to see quick results in the products you use, you would like Joey New York’s Bye Bye Blackheads. This gel is clear and has the consistency of glue.…

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  • New York

    Sweet Complexion with @HeyHoneyUSA

    This summer has been humid and hot in NYC and when I get home, I can’t wait to jump into the shower.  I recently tried a new natural face cleanser called Hey Honey ‘Don’t Miss a Spot’.  I love liquid to foam dispenser – I feel like there a bit of magic in just the mechanics itself.  I also like using foam hand soaps and foam face wash.  When the cleanser is in form format, it seems like the air makes it easier to spread around your face and cleans better. I love the dispenser, it looks like mini fog horn saying “Hello CLEAN FACE AHEAD”.  The scent is ever…

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