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    Mix and Match a Box of Bell’s Cookies for Her

    They say money can’t buy happiness…but have you ever seen someone unhappy with a cookie? As Mother’s Day is coming, I believe a box of delicious cookies will make her smile.

    How about starting with “Chocolate Monster” – Not only does it have chocolate chips, it has white chocolate chips too! Plus some pecans and caramel. Or the Pantry cookie, which has all the goodies into one cookie. It has pretzels, white chocolate chips, toffee, and coffee. Yummmmmmm! Oh I forget to let you know where to get them. They are Bell’s Cookies, which are baked with love—and the highest quality ingredients available.

    Nostalgic tastes are one of the main reasons for the creation of Bell’s Cookie Co. Now they are on a mission to be the number one choice for cookies and sweet treats. Their cookies are already the pride of Washington, recently voted the best in the state, but you don’t have to live there to enjoy these perfectly crunchy and gooey creations. The family-owned cookie shop delivers nationwide with their cookies individually wrapped to remain fresh and boxed to never arrive crumbled. With 12 traditional and unique flavors, you’ll just have to try them all to see your new favorite.

    If you have ever wondered what their shipping packaging looks like, here it is! Bell’s Cookies individually wrap every cookie to ensure freshness, line the box with bubble wrap so they don’t break, and use FedEx 1-2 day shipping so they arrive ASAP and in excellent condition. Thinking of shipping holiday gifts to a loved one, a client or your team (or to yourself of course!), you won’t be disappointed!

    Bell’s Cookies is a small-but-mighty cookie shop and their loyal customers tell them they have the best cookies in Seattle. Who are they to argue with that? Order a box of cookies for yourself, and you’ll be answering an enthusiastic YES to the question, “Have you told a cookie you loved it today?” Check out Bell’s Cookies website to seek the answer.