• Los Angeles

    NEW Vilebrequin Collections & Collaborations

    Are you familiar with the Atlas, one of the most beautiful and highest mountain ranges in Africa? After the holidays by the sea, Vilebrequin transports us to the magic of a winter mountainscape. Following the first winter collection, Vilebrequin debuts another winter season to build out their lifestyle offerings with the Atlas collection. Design inspirations stem from a cable car venturing high above a frosted palm grove, carrying skiers to snowcapped peaks and ski tracks that crisscross ocean blue pistes. The luxurious craftsmanship of the collection shows through the use of Italian wool and raccoon fur. Attached is a look book of the Atlas collection. The Atlas Mountains stretch over…

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  • New York

    @Mias_Kitchen Pasta Sauce

    Get saucy with it!  Enough Miley talk for me – if you want to get really saucy you have to try California brand Mia’s Kitchen. A real kick and a real game changed in the pasta sauce – It is awesome and it is totally fun! An out of the box, quirky young woman from sonoma. Mia and her mother, Nancy, developed the mia’s kitchen brand to share the bounty of their italian culinary skills with cooks and “foodies” who have an appreciation of fine epicurean experiences with a casual twist and who enjoy “eating gourmet everyday.” I enjoy eating gourmet everyday and definitely recommend that you give your Tortellini new life…

  • Los Angeles,  New York

    California Raisins Rule My World

    One of the best snacks you can have are raisins! They curb your hunger, they are low in calories and high in fiber. What more can you ask of a little snack like raisins?  At Food Fete last month, I tried delicious snacks that contained raisins. Here are a few ways to reinvent my favorite wrinkly snack. Raisin Swirl Bread Dancing Raisin experiment (just add soda) So funny. Find out more on www.loveyourraisins.com

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  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    A night with @ApothicRed

      Last night, a bunch of us headed over to the Thompson Hotel to celebrate the launch of Apothic Red; a new and “epic” wine from California. I’m not a fan of red wine, but the Apothic Red wines are soooooo GOOD. There was lots of wine, food and good vibes. Overall, t’was a fun night!   Thank you to Apothic Red and PraxisPR for inviting us! peace and love ♥Bella♥