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    The (f)Unemployed Casualite

    We are at the age of the causalite.  The hybrid of casual x elite is a phenomenon in itself, with inspiration from Hollywood to cities around the world. They are easy to spot, with seemingly casual apparel with a heavy price tag attached.  Sweatpants over $170, lambskin shoe laces around $60, T-shirts for over $100 and exclusive sneakers are all part of deal.  They are everywhere and you have seen from from New York to Vegas to Toronto.

    Image via John Elliott

    They are freelancers, they have their own business, they are celebrities on Instagram and boast of 100K + followers. they are not exactly unemployed but they are between project and contracts. They always have a budding idea and these casualites must be “unemployed”. That means that job have to be fun and in line with their ‘passion’.  Programed to be anti corporation and absolute individualists, there are too many people around “making it happen” to not buy into the hype.

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    But with a room full of wheels and no one who wants to be a spoke, how does this move forward?

    Will the future look like 50 year old employees with 24 year old CEOs?