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    New Gadgets That Will Help You Be Updated

    When it comes to staying in the know it pays to have some absolutely top tech to use to keep you updated with all the latest goings on in the world as well as being a great way to play the latest games and apps.

    Because there’s so many great gadgets to choose from we’ve decided to go through a few of the cool pieces of tech that are due to come out and we’re eager to get our hands on.

    1: iPhone 6


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    First up is the iPhone 6. Having launched only recently it’s already selling in record numbers this cool gadget comes in two formats, the base 6 model that has a 4.7” screen and 326ppi. Then there’s the other option of the iPhone 6 Plus that has a 5.5” screen and 400ppi resolution to provide you with the best graphical capabilities they can offer.

    With a longer battery life, Apples new iOS 8 and the ability to support the new Apple Pay system the iPhone 6 is already becoming the best iPhone on the market.

    2: Samsung Galaxy Note 4


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    After Apples launch of their new iPhone, Samsung decided they weren’t going let Apple get all the attention and so they announced they would be launching their new phone.

    Coming in both a standard and curved screen option, this brilliant mobile is packing a Qualcom Snapdragon 805 chipset. It makes it a miniature processor powerhouse that makes the Note 4 the most powerful smart device on the market.

    It also features a 2,560 x 1,440 pixel display that gives you crystal clear images. When it’s combined with mobile compatible games it can provide some absolutely jaw dropping graphics. Even gambling games will look fantastic on this magnificent mobile.

    3: Apple Smartwatch


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    Another exciting development the smart watches are already eagerly anticipated by tech fans everywhere. These cool wrist companions rely on you already having a phone as your calls and messages are all routed into them from your mobile. They already come with an assortment of apps but it’s the prospect of the types of games we could play on them that’s got people talking.

    The thought of being able to control a game with the flick of a fingertip on its tiny screen is incredibly cool.

    4: Nexus 6


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    Although little is actually known about the Nexus 6 since Google have been quite quiet about it, we do know that it’s going to be using the new Android L operating system. This means that the new mobile device will have faster connectivity, better processing speeds and more stability with apps and downlodable’s.

    With a 5.5” screen, 12MP camera and UHD video recorder we’re expecting crystal clear photographs with this great gadget.

    Whether it will actually contain all of these features is just something we’ll just have to wait and watch out for, at any rate all eyes are now on Google to see what other teasers they might leak about their latest cool phone.

    5: Nokia Lumia 830


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    Finally to wrap up we have the new Nokia Lumia 830, the latest in Nokia’s successful Lumia line this phone comes with an awesome wireless charging pad and windows popular 8.1 operating system. It’s also got a 441ppi screen which gives you a better resolution than the iPhone 6 plus, so you’re guaranteed the best image quality you can get when you use a Nokia Lumia.

    This is just a small selection of what we consider to be the best gadgets to use to keep yourself updated. There are of course plenty of others out there to choose but these ones are definitely worth checking out if you have the time or the money to buy them.