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NEW MUSIC: “Strip” @chrisbrown and @kevinmccall

Chris Brown is back and it’s a topless holiday party he is throwing in new video “Strip” featuring Kevin McCall. The guys are all in holiday sweaters, nerd glasses and then no tops trying to freak with the girls. Personally, I don’t really like this video/song. Sexuality is literally taken over music and I feel like there should be more substance than just topless Chris Brown and 500 other woman in a chateau. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chris Brown, just think he should get some more substance with his tracks, I want to feel something when I’m listening to music, not just sex overload. Love the beat though.

“Got my shades on, with my Jays on, in the club with a pocket full of ones
This girl booty outta control
Then she go up and down the pole
Which one Ima take home, get my freak on
If you aint freakin, we aint speakin
You think I’m playing (No, I’m Not)”

what do you think???? xo, @itstanyag


Chris Brown at W4

Can’t a boy just play basketball in peace?  I guess not. After the morning show fiasco, Breezy dropped by my hood to shoot some hoops. Me and Jacob stopped by just to say wassup.

Obviously I am not paparazzi pro… But here is the line up on the street :]

Team Breezy!


Oh Breezy…

I got this naughty/dirty little fascination with Chris Brown… that baby face, angelic voice, coupled with those gyrations, and even the tattoos just make me wanna…
Aaaaaaanyway, check C.Breezy rockin a Jays fitted while partyin’ it up at Echelon 3000 in ATL. Now all he needs to do is come and do a private show for MOI, and we’ll be goodie 🙂So damn delicious!
I got like 2 or 3 years on him, but… “age ain’t nothin but a number” ha ha ha

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B.E.T Bangers

I can honestly say that watching the B.E.T awards this year gave me a feeling of pride… I can’t say that I disliked any part of the program, I thought every artist that came out did so with everything in them and gave us an incredible show!
I’m not sure if I believed it, or if I just wanted to believe it, but Chris Brown’s MJ breakdown (+ his new track ‘Deuces’) has won back some of my fandemonium… is that bad? I’m not sure… all I know is, I liked it!!! The entire MJ tribute itself was done beautifully, he lived as a performer and I was definitely entertained.
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Crazy Nicki… what more is to say! The woman is ill!!! Putting aside the fact that she seems to be on every track that becomes a hit, lets discuss the way her I don’t give a “#*$%” about what people say mentality makes her all the more appealing. Congrats on all three awards!

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To this day, I can recall sitting in my Mum’s basement bedroom, with all of her teenage friends while they would perform and perfect their renditions of Purple Rain & Raspberry Beret, complete with costume change… I was no older than 4 years old but word for word of (almost) every Prince’s song has been imprinted in my mind from these experiences. Point out an individual born in the 80’s or 90’s that does not know at lease some lyrics to a Prince song… and so, this proves how deserving he is of the 2010 B.E.T Lifetime Achievement Award! Is it weird that I cried as I watched and listened to his acceptance speech? Either way, its how it went down and his talent and creativity is deserving of every tear shed… Prince = the un-aging BIZ!

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Another artist who must be mentioned was the magnificently maternal Alicia Keys!!! Not only did she wear the hell out of that strapless purple dress and pink stilettos but YES, she DID crawl on the piano, and perform the heart out of Prince’s ‘Adore’ in a tribute to his career.

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Drake of course killed an incredible performance with Jeezy, Usher soaked seats when he performed ‘There goes my baby” & there isn’t much left to say about the attention grabbing performance of “My chick bad” by Luda. All in all, it was a great show and I wasn’t even trying to miss a moment. Although unmentioned, there was a room FULL of incredible talent! The last thing I’ll mention, and then leave this topic alone for a moment, are the new elements brought to the award show being the Rising Talent segments as well as Diddy’s Afterparty Lounge, I thought these were innovative and great for some extra creativity and exposure!!! xoxo

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I still love

Chris Brown.
People make mistakes and it takes two to have a fight.
I can’t take that he was lying to me
He can’t take it that I wouldn’t drop it.

tell the truth so she will drop it
accept that people lie and shit happens.

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