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    Happy Easter At Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom

    Hey Happy Easter!


    Lulu and Ryan went to Washington DC to celebrate the born of a new year!

    The first stop of course we chose to see the cherry blossoms.

    Lulu took her hand craft illustration magnets, it looks like an illustration girl enjoyed the cherry blossoms on her skateboard.

    We ate our first brunch at this old fashion restaurant right next to the Washington Monument park where there was Blossom Kite Festival on this Saturday. The restaurant is very very popular, we waited for our seats on the bar for twenty minutes! But the food was amazing and drinks were tasty, the name of the restaurant was Old Ebbitt Grill.

    After the brunch and cherry blossom watching, we went to my favorite gallery – National Gallery of Art!

    And then we found this super cool speak easy bar at Chinatown – Penny Whiskey Bar. They have a lot of Japanese whiskeys!

    A very delicious restaurant at Chinatown – CIRCA.

    The cute red color cocktail names Your College Ex, is that lovely?

    Today we came back New York and it was snowing! Oh My God, hope the real spring comes soon.

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    Circa hosted the Give Money Make Change event for the Remix Project last night. Everyone came out to support the cause – thank you! If you missed the event but would still like to be involved in raising money for this amazing initiative, click here. THEREMiXPROJECT.CA/GIVE

    Some of the silent auction items:

    Shannae & I

    Kate from Brazen Hussy

    remember those walls I built? Baby they’ve come tumbling down…

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    REMIX @ Circa

    A fundraiser for REMIX Thursday June 11th @ Circa.


    There will be an auction as well for things like Xbox 360’s, mall gift certificates and a whole heap of other stuff that I suddenly cant remember. Of course, we’ll also be partying til the break of dawn afterwards.

    Make sure you come out and support.


    There will be a Remix Pic-A-Nic this Sunday June 7th @ Dufferin Grove Park from 1pm-5pm (Dufferin just south of Bloor).

    There will be basketball, football, a kissing booth, a big mingle fest of sorts….you might even meet your soul mate! You can cop a ticket for Thursday’s event there too. The Pic-A-Nic is open to everyone so come roll through if you’re in the area. Make sure you come out and support, every little bit helps.


    If at the end of the day all you did was live your life – it’s already more than enough.

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    Afternoon of Sensorial Indulgence

    The afternoon is all about chocolate, martinis, massages and indulgence.
    Decadent and unique recipes have been created by Canadian culinary experts using the Italian chocolate bar Kinder Bueno – a bar that encourages women to throw the 100-calorie bars out the door and indulge in chocolate in all its glory.

    Sensorial taste expert Amy Snider will be leading the women at the event through a blindfolded taste test, highlighting what it is that makes women love chocolate oh so much.

    Come and try the Bueno-tini with your friends:
    Oct 4 – Circa
    Oct 10, 11 – Ultra Supper Club
    Oct 17, 18 – Brant House

    Photos courtesy of Roswell Anderson Photography