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    Coffee Meets Technology at the New York Coffee Festival 2018

    Technology also brings coffee with the new innovation.

    The Bubble Lab, a company doing robotic products of the coffeemaker. Their amazing products in a row—The Drip and Drop Machine, The Water Heater, and the Filter have made the coffee bar a high-efficient place for you to get coffee, enjoy then go. These products have not been released on the market yet, but I was told that the company will sell them next year both in the US and China.

    In this festival, some pastry companies have also got their booth and introduce delivery service to most of the cafes in New York City. Patisserie Vanessa, the handcrafted daily kitchen located in La Marqueta, Harlem, has offered catering service by taking orders from their virtual pastry shop. You can have your individual French Pastries by baked-to-order on click.


    Yes, delivery lets you get the food from elsewhere, and the AI-powered system can let this process become even quicker. SumAll, a social media-based software help cafes automate their back office administrations like ordering inventory and scheduling staff. You can not only manage the supply chain better but also, as they say, “makes creating and maintaining your hourly employees’ schedules easy”.

    DeLonghi, the coffee appliance manufacturer has an Instagram game for the attendee to join. You can pick one of the boards which have hashtagged types of coffees to take photos with, then posted on social media. If you have the luck to win, the prize would be one fancy espresso maker.

    photo booth.JPG

    And this is not the only chance you can take photos. Right near the entrance, there is one photo booth which you can take selfies with friends, then you can either email it or get one tangible color photo in seconds.

    For more information, please visit the website of The New York Coffee Festival 2018:




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    Coffee & Tea Festival NYC


    The Coffee & Tea Festival NYC was back

    and full of flavor for its 11th year and was held at the Brooklyn EXPO Center!

    “A delicious and fun festival – it is a coffee and tea lovers heaven”
    – www.NYCTourist.com, leaders in New York tourism and travel

    Heydoyou.com went to this festival on Saturday!




    Join more than 60 exhibitors from around the globe

    as they pour tastings of their finest coffees and teas and introduce you to new and award-winning products.

    There were some of my favorites products!


    – Truly satisfying. Purely delicious. Nothing superficial. Scan 176


    Haute Chocolate Brooklyn, I want it all.

    The perfect gift for anyone you love, like yourself.



    Bad Girl Good Tea

    – You don’t have to behave, but you should always be kind.

    Love, Tea & Happiness,

    Scan 175

    logo t2_grande


    – “Improving Lives with Each Cup of Tea.”



    Of course there are much more lovely brands showed at the festival,

    where you can check them all at coffee & Tea NYC.

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    Drink @Raawfoods

    Florida juice company is really shaking up the drink world with their veggie + fruit smoothie shakes!

    From inception, Raw Foods International has looked for a means to attract consumers who are looking for deliciously natural alternatives when seeking a beverage from their local store shelf. With this in mind, great tasting, deliciusly natural quality fruit and vegetable juice blends were created and it Tastes RAAW® Juices contain no artificial coloring or flavoring, no added sugar and no preservatives. In addition, each product is Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher and are Non-GMO verified.

    RAAW® Juices carry all the necessary attributes of healthy, natural, great tasting and altogether good-for-you products that today’s everyone craves for!

    Pineapple + Cucumber

    Passion Fruits + Wheat Grass

    Cranberry Ginger

    Raspberry Lemongrass

    Better Beets

    Carrot Lemonade

     Yum!  www.raawfoods.com

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    Sipping Rare Organic @GorreanaTea

    Gorreana Tea has been around since 1883!   Check out this historical Green Tea field…

    The Gorreana Tea Plantation & Estate Have Been Producing The Finest Teas in The Beauiful Azores Islands Since 1883

    You can find out more on www.gorreanatea.com

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    Try @HarneyTea

    Spring Season Blooming Tea from Harney & Sons is just the perfect drink for a spring day!  These are so cool to look at and an easy way to wow guests.

    Blooming Teas are beautiful and considered and ‘art tea’.

    When steeped, a large Calendula and a flurry of Osmanthus flowers bloom in the pot. The Osmanthus adds a distinctive apricot flavor to this pleasant tea.

    Get this and others for $12 at http://www.harney.com