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    Whether looking for a dog walking service, selecting a groomer, finding a kennel or seeking a dog trainer, the amount of services available to pet owners can be overwhelming.  Previously, pet owners may have gone online, searched for the type of service they need and then had to make dozens of calls to find pricing and details.  Now there is an easier and faster solution as OpenChime.com today announced that its free service is available to help pet owners find the perfect partners.

    OpenChime can connect pet owners with local service providers of any kind and with over two million vendors in its database, it is easy to find anything that might be needed, from dog walkers and groomers, to vets, pet sitters and pet door installers. As OpenChime can provide access to vendors anywhere on the globe, the service can be a valuable tool for owners that might be taking their pet on a trip and need to find services in their destination.
    Consumers looking for pet services are utilizing OpenChime to find local vendors and resources.  Once a user submits a request for service via a simple form, OpenChime finds the local providers, contacts them and has they then send the consumer a personalized response with more information about their services and pricing.  The average user will spend less than 60 seconds on the site submitting their request and can save as much as 75 percent off the vendors’ highest price.  By having access to multiple bids, the consumer saves money and time.
    “We understand that pets are part of the family and owners want to find the best people and places to help, so we are proud that OpenChime.com is now available to help make the process easier, faster and less expensive,” said Erden Kiciman, founder of OpenChime.com.
    For companies and individuals that provide pet services, OpenChime can be an easy way to reach potential customers.  Professionals and companies that secure business through an OpenChime lead pay OpenChime.com a commission.  Because OpenChime understands that every business is different and has unique financial concerns, the company allows each vendor to choose a commission that they think is fair, anything from 0 to 100 percent.  By operating on the “honor system” and allowing vendors to choose the commission paid to OpenChime, the company is showing that it trusts its vendors to be fair and reputable – the same traits that consumers will seek.
    In June 2011, OpenChime received seed funding from Lightbank, the Chicago investment firm started by Groupon co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell.
    OpenChime, based in Chicago, IL, is a free online service that helps people easily connect with local service providers of any kind. From plumbers, maids and gardeners, to scuba instructors in Mexico and hot air balloon rides in California, no matter what the consumer needs, OpenChime can help them find people who can help. Users simply input what they need and OpenChime handles the rest: finding businesses, contacting them, and sending you their personalized responses in one clean email. For business owners, OpenChime is an innovative way of securing new clients who have an immediate need for services.  Please visit www.OpenChime.com for more information.