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    Check out this Kickstarter OCTOPUSH

    Octopush – Grasps Almost Anything by Beyond Vision

    Super handy and so cool!  The OCTOPUSH is a customizable sticking device that anyone can use. It is so useful for your mobile devices and everyday items from toothpaste to phone to everything in your home! Imagine the possibilities for store merchandising!  I am really looking forward to them getting all the money they need and more on Kickstarter!  Share this idea and help spread the word. It starts TODAY on JUNE 24!

    Mid Dec – Mid Jan 2014: Idea consolidation

    Mid Jan – Mid Feb 2014: Models building, early prototyping

    Mid Feb – Late Apr 2014: Prototype refining

    Late Apr – Mid Jun 2014: Preparation for Kickstarter project

    Mid Jun – Early Aug 2014: Kickstarter project

    Early Aug – Mid Aug 2014: Raw material sourcing

    Mid Aug – Late Aug 2014: Manufacturing

    Late Aug – Mid Sep 2014: Quality control and reward fulfilment

    The Octoteam


    Product designers – Max, Alex, Sharon and Bill


    Dr. Derek Fung


    Photos editing – Bill

    Videos editing – Bill