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    I love love love love sassy ads – so naturally I had to take a picture of this and show you all.       What do you think of this?? LOL for most of the guys that I know, I think they hit it right on the nail… just don’t tell them…. hehehe.   Is this a smart ad? What do you think??    

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    "Screw-face" Capital on Blast!!

    “Judging from the dourness of some of my fellow Torontonians’ comments, I think Toronto ought to be renamed “Toronto the Humorless.” I can’t believe that people could seriously be “offended” by something clearly intended good-naturedly. How parochial”.- The Star Newspaper reader) “As someone who moved to Toronto from a small city in Ontario, I have to say I agree with this ad…the vast majority of Torontonians are not friendly at all! Try meeting a girl in a city where no one talks to each other…I think this ad is great because it brings to light a problem that needs to be addressed…Torontonians need to relax, lighten up and work on…

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