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    Virtual Halloween Pet Parade @AnimalPlanet

    Animal Planet has an awesome selection of pet Halloween costumes! This year Animal Planet will be hosting its second annual Virtual Halloween Pet Parade To get involved we wanted to see if you’d be interested in dressing your pet up in one of Animal Planet’s adorable pet costumes (as pictured below), snapping a photo of your pet in the costume and then sending it back to us for inclusion in the pet parade contest. The photo would appear as part of the virtual pet parade gallery on AnimalPlanet.com (along with a click through link to your blog/Twitter/web site), so that your pet is in the running for the cutest Halloween look.  In addition, we would also ask…

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    Weird Family

    If you think your family is weird, be assured that there is always someone more weird than you. Daughter is gonna be in therapy for a long time. Source

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    Costume ideas?

    Nothing can top my get up from 07… or can it? Halloween 2007 at Circa Trick or treat, we have tons of spooky parties lined up for you this freaky week! Remember how much fun we had last year? Check out my hot costume from last year! Gummy fangs and plexigloss and get your costume ready. You can basically be anything ‘sexified’. Looking forward to scandalous get ups and creepy crawlers this week. HeyDoYou will be covering Fashion sCares on Nov 1- get your tickets! OCT 31 Halloween Ritual at Rockwood Dead Carnival at SEVEN Ultra Horror Picture Show at Ultra Supper Club Masquerade at Atelier The Nightmare at Spin…