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    Pet Rock

    Having a pet rocks… but if your schedule and lifestyle does not permit you to have fun… you can always get a pet rock. Teehee they are so cute.

    Welcome to the world of Henry Cats & Friends created by renowned artist Henry Lee. By originating the ingenious and unique Artstone animals, Henry has established a symbolic world of adorable animal friends that live together harmoniously. Over the years, Henry has created hundreds of Artstone cats and his menagerie has expanded to include dogs, owls, pandas, pigs as well as many other animals.
    In 2003, Henry and the art studio partners then set up the designing company Henry Design & Associates and bring forth the new brand “Henry Cats & Friends” in 2005, turning his unique art creation into extensive series of collectibles, gifts, stationery, and home products.
    By putting his spirit and heart into the design, Henry wishes to encourage all of us, through his unique insight and artistry, to appreciate and cherish our most friendly neighbors on the planet—the lovely animals!

    If you want more info.. right here!

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    Dear Santa….@Poketo!

    Is it too early to do Christmas shopping? Cuz I found these amazing cute wallets that have art on them!

    This website puts art on everyday functional things like wallets, cups, books, plates, lamps etc… I love it! What a perfect place to get cool stuff that’s an instant conversational piece. Be different, be interesting!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    If you know me well, you know I don’t like spaghetti at all. My mom told me when she use to make it, she would just give me the noodles n mix it with some white sugar just so i would eat it. How weird am i! I like other shaped pastas and bolognese but just not spaghetti. But.. If you get this for me, i might start eating it.

    Buy it here
    ps: i love everything from WWF.. my sister got this for me last year 🙂
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    Isle of Eden

    O-EM-GEE! I found Isle of Eden researching for my Beauty Chemistry final project and I am in LOVE!

    They are a company based out of Merritt Island, Florida. The brainchild of this fantastic line is Alexa – Here’s her MySpace. They make beautiful and scrumption bath and body products that are to DIE for. This is what I want for my birthday, for Christmas, for Valentines day and for every occassion from this day forward! Each and everyone is custom made and made to order to check out their TAT (Turn around time… if you are buying it for a present). There are only a few thing in life that make my heart sing! And Isle of Eden is one of them. LOVES

    This is true creativity and you can just tell how adorable, fun, cheeky and lovely the creators must be. Just check out some of their newest scents. Just reading the list makes me giddy.

    7 Strawberry Lane
    Our Best Selling Strawberry! Nothing but Pure, Juicy, Strawberry Bliss here! Succulent and Sweet!

    Banana Rice Crispy Treaties
    O.k., who doesn’t love those Delicious Marshmallow and Rice Treats? Add a little Banana Frosting, and it’s total yum!

    Be My Sugar!
    Sugar Overload! Fresh-Cracked Coconut Milk, Swirls of White Sugar, Light Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, White Cake infused with Puffed-up Giant Marshmallows, and a slight whisper of Creamy Pink Sugar.

    Birthday Party’s Forever!
    Let’s have an everlasting party! Sparkling Fruit Punch, with Vanilla Ice Cream floating on top, sprinkled with Grape Pixie Stick Sugar. What else for this party? How about a slice of Yellow Cake with Creamy Frosting and tons of Candy-Colored Sprinkles? This will surely get the party started!

    Blood Orange Cotton Candy
    A Summer Favorite! Italian Blood Orange, and Sweet Cotton Candy. Best Seller!

    Blue Ballgown
    Before you head out the door, slip into this combination of sensual dark blue sugar, fresh baked white cake and sultry warm vanilla pods. Your chariot awaits, beautiful!

    Brown Sugar, Granola & White Chocolate
    Sweet Brown Sugar, Delicious Granola and a Drizzle of White Chocolate.

    Bunny Crack
    Dreams come true for all Bunny Rabbits with this Fanciful Treat! Loads and loads of Sugars, Fluffy Carrot Cake, Coconut-Lemon Buttercream Frosting, Juicy Lemon Slices and Orange slices covered in Huge Sugar Crystals.

    Can’t Sleep, Cherries Are After Me!
    A Dark Twist on a Sweet Treat! Freshly-Spun Pink Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar, and Dark, Delicious, Candied Black Cherries!

    Can’t Sleep, Marshmallows Ate Me!
    An amazing twist on our best selling Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me! Imagine sugary-sweet Marshmallow Cotton Candy, Marshmallow Funnel Cake, and Candied Marshmallow Apple. You’ll want to devour it in just one bite!

    Indulge here: IsleofEden.com
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    Cocoa Babies

    I was poking around on my new favorite blog Clutch and saw a side banner ad for CocoaBabies. OMG so cute. I love love love all of it.

    These make wonderful presents for new slobbery babies:

    There are tons more, check it out on CocoaBabies.com
    Make sure you check out the photos they have posted… for a sneak preview: get ready for a big AWWWWWWW!