• New York

    Sweeter Than Sugar Chelsea & West Village Dessert Tour

    A fun way to spend a NY weekend is on the Sweeter than Sugar Tour!  This tour gives you the insider’s scoop on what you can experience as a local. You will be led to 4 ultra secret neighborhood dessert spots and enjoy a yummy sample at each location.

    Locally owned entrepreneurial company Sugartooth Tours is the best way to discover local spots without Yelp!

    This year’s Sweeter than Sugar Tour will take place in the quaint neighborhood of Chelsea. Tour-goers will have the opportunity to indulge in delicious treats, in-cluding half-pound cookies, artisan hot chocolate, and more. 

    “This tour is our most popular seasonal tour each year. There’s just something romantic and fun about exploring the city with your plus one in a way you’ve nev-er done it before,” said co-founder of Sugartooth Tours, Sarah Rolleston. “In a city that is so big and has so many people, finding hidden gems with that one other person close to you makes the experience that much more personal and exclusive.”

    On the tour, each group will enjoy six decadent stops. Guests will have a chance to explore the Chelsea Market before embarking on an adventure to discover how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the trendy meatpacking district! Finally, the tour will wind down in the West Village, where guests have the option of adding a wine or beer pairing with their final sweet treat for some extra one-on-one time with that special someone.

    I was so lucky to check this out right before Valentine’s Day and had a great time discovery gems in my own neighborhood. Now I definitely have some new favorite spots.

    Check out how you can go on a sweet tour on  www.sugartoothtours.com

    W: 917.856.6761

    C: 440.241.2729



  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    The Bite Before Christmas @Bite_Bar

    “Tis the season of indulging, sharing time with family and friends and…biting?”

    December is less than a month away, which means the holiday season/Christmas are like tomorrow (not really but you get what I mean.) So seeing as it’s already freezing cold like the holiday season, and Christmas is right around the corner; I vote that the holiday season starts now. And what better way to kick off the holiday season than with something sweet and Christmasy!

    sweet goodness!

    Nisha, found of Toronto’s premiere bite-sized dessert bar Bite Bar, recently invited us to a tasting preview of the Bite Bar Holiday menu. If you’re a dessert lover like me, you can only imagine how excited I was to get there, and get to tasting ALL of the sweet treats! The menu was mouthwatering, featuring items like Naughty and Nice Bite sized chocolate cookie sandwiches with Bite Bar’s signature raspberry vodka buttercream, Candy Cane Chocolate Cheesecakelettes, Bite Bar’s Cranberry Apple Spiked Cider and more! Our night was made even sweeter as we got to hang out with some of our favourite bloggers; and you know it was only a matter of time before we were laughing, taking selfies, as well as  tweeting, instagraming, and Facebooking all the decadence that we were being treated to. It was a deliciously fun night 🙂 Okay enough talking, more pictures. Enjoy!

    Naughty and Nice: Bite sized chocolate cookie sandwich with Bite Bar’s signature raspberry vodka buttercream. Yum!
    Bite Bar Cranberry Apple Spiked Cider!
    Dear Santa- December’s Bite of The Month!
    Nisha Amin-Agnihotri : Founder, Bite Bar
    some light reading…
    while I treated myself to a Candy Cane Chocolate Cheesecakelette 🙂
    The lovely Telly enjoying the Bite Bar Chocolate Eggnog Martini 🙂
    Finger-licking good. You can’t fake that!
    Gourmet marshmallow bars in classic white chocolate, gingerbread and chocolate orange flavours.
    Candy Cane Chocolate Cheesecakelettes with a peppermint infusion and chocolate mint sauce. So so good!
    Bite Bar Chocolate Eggnog Martini
    Yeah you do! The lovely Carcia 🙂
    #selfies all day everyday baby 🙂
    Yes indeed!
    Christmas cupcake gift bites!
    Christmas cupcake gift bites!
    Naughty and Nice Bite sized chocolate cookie sandwich. So cute!
    The Bite Bar wall! I want this in my condo.
    Dear Santa… I’ve been a really good girl 🙂
    What’s in your ‘Dear Santa’ letter?
    We love us some Meg!!
    Hey Nisha
    Such a fun night!

    Some of my favourite things about the Bite Bar preview? I enjoyed all the treats, but I loved loved LOVED the Candy Cane Chocolate Cheesecakelettes, the Bite Bar Cranberry Apple Spiked Cider was the bomb, I absolutely adored the Bite Bar wall, and of course it’s always fun times hanging out with some of my favourite people! Oh I also love that I was able to eat as many different treats as I wanted without feeling full and/or sick, all because of the cute (and tasty) little bite sizes! Bonus!!

    A big thank you to Nisha for inviting us and spoiling us rotten with delicious treats and drinks. We had an amazing time as you can see!

    stay sweet!


  • WorldWide

    Good Eats: Sweet Addiction @SullivanBleeker


    I was minding my own business, trying to eat clean and exercising everyday, and then it all got ruined… I was at work one day, when one of my co-workers let me know that some lady brought in these amazing cupcakes and cookies for us to try out. I’m like, “Meh, cupcakes. Been there, done that, how amazing could they really be? And I’m not big on cookies anyway.” Then she told me that there was a red velvet cupcake AND a red velvet cookie. A red velvet cookie????? I’ve never heard of or had that before. I felt all my thoughts come to a screeching halt, and I rushed over to go and see this for myself. I don’t even remember the conversation, all I remember is picking up the cookie and asking her if I could have it, she said yes, I smiled, then glanced over at the cupcake, then at her, then at the cupcake, and she said I could have the cupcake as well. So I did.


    This is the BEST cookie I have ever had in my life!

    The rest as they say is history. I was doing so good with not eating sweets and treats, but I CANNOT resist these cookies. I won’t dare say how many of these cookies I’ve had ever since that day, but I will say that I’ve had A LOT! I’ve also tried their salted caramel cupcake, and it’s like… oh man it’s so good. So good.


    Thank you to Sullivan & Bleeker for making the most amazing cookies I have ever had, for obliterating my  clean eating and comprising my waist line lol. I’ll just have to find a way to limit myself to one no no no… two cookies a week. If you’re looking for something sweet and delicious, or for those of you that want to make your cheat day totally worth it, GET YOU A SULLIVAN & BLEEKER RED VELVET COOKIE.

    Stay sweet!


    Find out more about Sullivan & Bleeker, and how you can get your hands and mouth on one of these cookies here!

  • New York

    Sweet Treats @bakedbymelissa

    The perfect birthday gift can be hard to find; sometimes there’s not enough time and nothing seems right or good enough for the fabulous birthday king or queen. Today is my sister’s birthday (shout-out to the bday girl!). So, last night (extremely last minute, I know), on my quest to find the ultimate birthday present, I found myself at Union Square, and still empty-handed, when I stumbled upon the answer to all my gift giving misfortunes—cupcakes Baked by Melissa!

    The perfect bite-sized little cupcakes in assorted flavors, “Baked By Melissa” are a fun and delicious way to celebrate! I mean who can resist mini cupcakes baked and frosted to perfection? Usually food makes a great gift and I have to say the cakes were a hit. I bought a box of 25 for $20 and they were all happily consumed between the hours of 12-midnight and 12:05am.

    So, if you’re in search of a last minute—and delicious—way to celebrate and show someone you care  (or at least buy you some time until you can find something more substantial), consider these cute little morsels; they’ll do the trick!

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    Schelle Sweets

    Had the pleasure of meeting Michelle from Schelle Sweets yesterday and she shared with me some of her delicious creations.  All of her cookies, cakes, loafs are organic and can be found at Pusateri’s in Toronto or online here.

    “There are NO preservatives in our products, if you cannot pronounce it, you should not eat it. The ingredients in my products a two year old child can pronounce :)”

    For more info: