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    Divine and Delicious Chocolat @FoodFete

    After much anticipation and pages and pages of my day planner, Nov 10 finally came and I was off to Food Fete’s Chocolat extravaganza! At HeyDoYou we are no strangers to chocolate. We were at the Chocolate Ball in 07 and 08, Bella made a chocolate cake, chocolate x whiskey, obsession with Max Brenner, the muggy cake

    Delicious chocolatiers from all over were exhibiting their craft and there was a great mix of people and cacao!

    Chef Espiritu with Valrhona

    We had the opportunity to enjoy some new chocolates and meet with the chocolatiers. One of the best guided tasting experiences I have ever had with CHOCOLATE.

    David Lurie talks about ‘Sun Cups’ – nut free sunflower seed + chocolate cups! www.sethellischocolatier.com

    Divine Chocolate, fair trade chocolate owned in part by the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana. So amazing.

    The symbols on the Divine chocolate wrappers are traditional West African Adinkra symbols that mean strength, destiny, leadership, family etc…

    Can you see me in the frenzy?


    Valrhona had these irresistible chocolate, apricot, panna cotta goodies I just had to try!

    spicy, healthy and caliente!

    Beer + Chocolate pairing anyone?

    This TABLE blew my mind!! the Madison Chocolatier and Winner of Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon Award for most gifted, best flavor and most exciting experience!

    Garlic Truffles

    Creme Brulee

    spicy flower tingly tongue truffle

    You make me cacao for u!

    Chef Ricky Sanders telling me about the complete chocolate meal in a box

    Lindt is always a holiday favorite! And so on trend…this reminds me of my latest Starbucks obsession!

    Big Thank YOU to Perrier for the sparkling water that made this evening perfect!

    I am wearing a blush tank by DVF, Grey chinos from H&M, Jimmy Choo for H&M bracelet, my wind blown hair is from Jonathan Spray Dirt, scarf from Urban Outfitters

    See you at the next Food Fete!

    and then of course I went home with a lil bit of chocolate just for me 🙂