• New York

    My #ComeCleanSoap Debut

    As you guys knows, I started a line of pop culture soaps called Come Clean 2 weeks ago and with all the Instagram love and online sales, I decided to brave my first summer street fair! 

    What an eventful week. For the event, I pre made and hand poured 50 bars of soap. I designed a Photo Booth and built it from hardware store goods. Had to source items like clear stickers, table cloth, tent, prop, chairs and a Square for card transactions. All the little details like bringing tape, scissors, sunscreen, a float for change and coins for parking were top of mind!  This event was held in Newark, NJ and was an dog adoption block party!  How perfect!  Being a vendor at Hell’s Kitchen Woofstock 2014 was really fun and we got to meet fantastic dogs and their owners.


    Life size replicas for the Come Clean Dog Soaps!


    Some brave dogs even put on a shower cap for our amusement!

    The soaps are shampoo bars created with plant based glycerin soap and 100% pure essential oils.  It is important to keep your pets clean and still be as environmentally friendly as you can! These do not contain any sulfates harmful to the environment and one bar can last anywhere from 8 -12 washes depending on your dog.

    Maybe the first dog in history became friends with humans for food. But the modern dog definitely loves his owner for the baths he gets 🙂

    I created these because the very first experience that made my dog mine, was the bath I gave him!  A firefighter shared his story with me about his dog which was similar.  He found her tied and abandoned and the first thing he did was take her home and wash her. After that, she was his forever. There is something really special about the bonding ritual of a bath between owner and dog. He got a “Flexin” soap for her too!

    Jin and Tai both came to help me!  

    We took lots of photos, played with the dogs and met all kinds of Newark folks who came to support the cause and join the festivities. This is the 6th year of the Newark Woofstock street fair event. It was well attended by 20 vendors and over 500 people from the neighborhood.


    Even though this was my first vendor experience at a summer street fair,  I knew that I had to get all the set up items here and at the same time, deal with narrow street parking.  I know I couldn’t get a huge truck because of that.

     I was so happy to test drive the Ford C-Max Hybrid Energi for this weekend!

    This beauty is the Ford C-Max Hybrid Energi. I have never driven an electric car before and now I am in love!  It has ample trunk space and I was able to get all my street fair items in there for my Come Clean booth. Including 3 chairs, 1 small table, Photo Booth set up, box of soaps, curtains, rugs, props, a 10×10 tent!  If you sweep your foot under the car’s bumper, the trunk will open automatically. Then just with a click of button, it closes.  The car is extremely quiet during the drive and even has rear camera assisted parking!

    The best part is, it is electric!  So the Ford C-Max Hybrid Energi hardly used any gas at all. Maybe just a lick for all that driving around!  Amazing. Perfect for road trips for more summer street fairs.


    This little hatchback is small and mighty. Like me. It has all the amenities and top of the line technology like Sirius radio so I could listen to whatever I want. It was easy to drive and gave me an urban zen pod as I drove to my adventure. I was able to charge my phone, drive through a thunderstorm, get groceries, dodge crazy taxis (it beeps when someone is too close to you) and parallel park in Soho!

    The C-Max Hybrid Energi is definitely on my radar for when I buy a car. It is perfect for everything I need for city life.

    Looking forward to my next one! Check it out on www.whenicomeclean.com and see all the silly dog pictures!