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    Multicultural Fashion Dolls from @Mattel

    Little girls love receiving dolls for summer, and this year give them something new – a doll that actually looks like they do!
    While America is increasingly multi-cultural, the doll industry is slow to reflect this diversity. This can be extremely frustrating, especially over the holidays when parents are frantically searching toy stores, only to be left with a limited selection to say the least.

    One World Doll Project is solving this problem! Created by Stacey McBride-Irby, who developed the so In Style® dolls, the first line of African-American dolls by Mattel®, Prettie Girls! not only “look like me, but they are like me!,” says Stacey. Each doll comes along with a positive message that children can relate to and parents can be proud of!

    <image001.png>There are five dolls in the Prettie Girls! collection – Lena (African American) and Valencia (Latina) which are available now, and Kimani (African), Dahlia (South Asian), and Alexie (Caucasian) will be available soon. Additionally, the first Signature Edition doll in the collection, the Cynthia Bailey doll is also available now.

    Prettie Girls! are available online at www.wayfair.com for $21.95 as well as other prestigious online doll retailers such as www.dollgenie.com, www.angelicdreamz.com, and www.pattycakedoll.com.

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    Takashi Murakami

    Sup Cole World ;0),
    If you love Contemporary art just as much as i do then you will appreciate the work of this modern day genius. His name is Takashi Murakami and he does Japanese contemporary art as well as designs tangible pieces for a variety of entertainers worldwide and is a contributor designer for Louis Vuitton Doll line and be sure to check more of his masterpeices out. Enjoy :0)
    My personal favorite piece
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    American Girl Dolls

    It has been a long time since I played with dolls. My Barbie dolls have grown up and become American Girl dolls (Also from Mattel). I was wandering around the Grove and couldn’t help but notice how every little girl was carrying either a doll of their likeness and/or an American Girl shopping bag. I had to find out what this was all about and it kind of freaked me out.

    Oriental doll

    yoga set for your ‘American Girl’ Doll

    right out of a scary Hollywood movie – I didn’t see an Yvonne doll

    So the dolls can get their hair done…

    wait, there’s a line up… is it free or something?

    nope, it’s $15-$30 depending on hair type!

    What an amazing way to waste money.

    Here is the blurb from their own website.
    Every girl has her own unique story, her own secrets and dreams, her own talents and aspirations. Just Like You dolls celebrate each girl’s unique story.
    Introduced in 1995, American Girl’s Just Like You 18-inch dolls and related accessories celebrate girls of today—showing them that this is their moment in history to shine. Driven by the same spirit and sensibilities that characterize the historical doll line, Just Like You is designed to instill a sense of pride, power, and possibility in today’s girls.
    With its selection of more than 20 dolls featuring various combinations of skin tones, facial features, and hair and eye colors, the Just Like You line highlights the individuality and diversity of today’s American girls. Doll-sized clothing and accessories reflect the wide variety of lifestyles and interests of contemporary girls and encourage them to express their own unique style and personality. A few of the girl-friendly themes and activities represented in the product line include friends, sports, hobbies, school, personal care, holidays, and other special occasions.
    Each Just Like You doll arrives wearing a contemporary outfit and comes with the Fun with Your Doll book. To further enhance the play experience, a line of stylish Dress Like Your Doll® clothing allows girls to dress like their favorite dolls.

    Concept sounds good but do you think this is the root of consumerism?? I thought Barbies were bad. But what about this?? They are paying for everything from getting outfits, to getting their hair done, to going to the hospital, photoshoots??? Wow.

    Now I’m really scared.

    This girl has $700 of dolls on her bed!

    They were recently in the news for the newest Jewish American doll’s arrival.

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