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    A healthy blend of beet root, tart cherries, cranberries, pomegranate, hibiscus, and magnesium, 120/Life is the first functional beverage designed to help lower blood pressure naturally.

    There’s a naturally occurring mineral that is so important to our good health and is so often overlooked: magnesium. Magnesium serves numerous vital functions in our bodies. It’s also one of the key minerals found in juice at 120/Life. 120/Life, the first functional drink made from six ingredients and proven to help people lower blood pressure. Co-Founded by  Susan Schachter registered nutritionist (MSRDN), she is dedicated to helping people achieve wellness naturally. The drink she co-created is six ingredients that you may can at your grocery store and is intended to be a support to healthy lifestyle choices and not a supplement. 120/Life is also backed by Cardiologist, Dr. Lowell Steen.  
    A recent study that found heart attacks in people ages 25 to 44 increased by 30%, this is the highest its ever been for this age group. There are many factors that may contribute to this, and that is why I am proposing a conversation around blood pressure and heart health for those who may have never experienced problems in the past, and/or might also be fit, and athletic. With the number of professional athletes experiencing heart issues, there is no better time than now to have this discussion and make it accessible for all. 

    Susan Schachter, MSRDN is co-founder of 120/Life, in-house nutrition expert, and author of the Circulatory blog. Susan is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition, with over 20 years in the field. Susan stresses the value of synthesizing traditional approaches to health with alternative wisdom and thinking.
    8 ounces of Pow! from 6 natural ingredients. 120/Life blended them together into a super beverage proven to lower blood pressure—now with even more efficient delivery of nitrates and a better taste. The drink is delicious, not too tart and not too sweet, this is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.