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    Droidles on Kickstarter @LittleDroidles

    Sometimes the craziest sounding ideas are actually genius. That’s what you get from Droidles a new little colony of robots that can be easily programmed to do a large number of things. Then, they can share those things with other Droidles in robot to robot interactions and across the Droidles own social network. Really, this is for real and it’s actually amazing.

    At first glance Droidles are just little pancake sized robots. They move about the floor, carry a tune and do whatever they are programmed to do by their owner utilizing an Android or iOS app.

    The “owner” learns the steps to programming without needing to know any real programming. Sure the Droidles are an interactive robotic toy but they’re also an opportunity to explore the creativity of a person of any age.

    What makes these cute little robots even more exciting is the fact that there are three ways they learn; from programming from their mobile app, from each other and from the Droidles website which is a social network of sorts.

    Droidles project manage and lead developer Jay Hurley says that each and every Droidle gets their own web page just like we have our own Facebook page. Programs that you teach your Droidle can be shared with the community of Droidles. Have you taught your Droidle a new action, it can be posted to the web page and other Droidles will be able to do that action as well. The same goes for songs, movements and anything the Droidles are programmed to do.

    Every Droidle’s web page is identified by their serial number, and obviously the earlier you secure a Droidle the shorter the url for your own Droidle will be. You can get in on the action here at Kickstarter!

    With a big push for STEM and STEAM in schools these days we’ve covered a lot of robots and robotic kits but so far haven’t found any as compact, yet as robust a platform as Droidles.

    You can see everything the Droidles team hopes to accomplish here. and pre-order your numbered Droidles here.

    Sure Robots are a lot of fun and robotics kits from a variety of sources are making their way into classrooms across the globe. Naturally when teachers, parents and even students think about robots they think STEM and that’s great but now there are new robots in town that go beyond STEM.

    Meet Droidles, Little robots that are fun to put together, program and then socialize. 

    Droidles are cute little robots with personalities, and more:

    Pocket sized little Droidles that can wander around, make friends, and learn on their own.

    Free mobile apps to program and remote control Droidles wirelessly using your Bluetooth 4.0 smart phone or tablet.

    Each Droidle has their own web page at droidles.com, just like people use Facebook!