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    My Protection…with Style!

    So I’ve decided to try something new.


    Something new in the realm of a “sew-in“. For those of you reading who do not know what a sew-in is, it is a weave (full or partial) that is sewn onto a person’s own hair. I know, crazy. Never the less this process was totally necessary for my hair survival. I’m in training and my job requires me to wear my hair pulled back.

    Which means that status of “no edges” is right around the corner! YIKES!! I had a friend ride with me to the store where we spent hours picking out the right hair color and brand.

    I was so clueless that there were different brands and that they each had something that set them apart. I spent nearly a good $300 for my hair, and to get my hair done and styled! Expensive but for two months I will not be hassling over how to style my hair. Military life is beautiful but for women it is so stressful. So I cut my hair out of that equation.

    I went from this, in February 2011:

    To this (one year later):

    I am living proof that protective styling produces growth and many other benefits.

    So of course protective styling is necessary.

    Some example styles that can be done to protect your hair:

    -Bantu Knots

    -Two Strand Twists

    -Flat Twists

    -Micro Braids

    -Senegalese Twists



    -Up Do’s

    The goal of all these amazing styles is to protect the ends of your hair! The ends help retain your growth. Protective also keeps your ever moving hands out of your locks. Its also used for moisture, growth, long styling, dates, get up and go, etc. I think you get the idea. If you have any questions on protective styling and how you can keep your hair looking fresh follow me on Twitter @IamInkWell.

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    Bantu Knots L-O-V-E

    I’ve been rocking bantu knots for about a week now, and everybody seems to love them, I’ve even gotten a few nicknames along the way, however i’m not sure if they’re compliments or… they’re compliments. I tried bantu knots earlier on in the year, but didn’t really like how they looked; but I was in desperate need to do something different with my hair, and decided to give them another shot… Success. They took me 10 minutes to do… WINNER! I love twisting my hair, but that usually takes me an hour soooooo, this may just be my new go-to protective style, especially because the weather in Toronto is still crazy.

    peace and love


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    I’m sooooo over braiding my hair, so I’ve been trying out different protective hair styles in order to find my go-to style for winter. I tried wearing bantu knots for the first time and they are super easy to do. However, I didn’t have the patience to wear my hair like that for more than a week… They HAD to go.
    So I tried twisting my hair and  was pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to do, and also  that they came out well. I can keep them in for than a week without getting bored, AND I can still co-wash and deep condition without having to take them out. Hassle-free. I think I’ve found my protective style for the rest of winter! WIN.

    peace and love