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    Calling All Fashion Bloggers to @CuspbyNM Contest!

    Calling all Fashion Bloggers!

    Neiman Marcus’s CUSP is on the hunt for it’s ultimate fashionista who embodies CUSP style and sensibility. From now until November 14th, Fashion bloggers have the opportunity to enter via Facebook.com/NeimanMarcus and possibly be the $2,500 grand prize winner!

    Neiman Marcus first launched the CUSP brand in 2006 with two freestanding stores that offered customers a contemporary assortment including apparel, shoes, handbags and accessories in a boutique environment.  The brand has grown over time to include a total of six CUSP stores, CUSP.com and integration into the forty-two Neiman Marcus stores.

    The contest runs from September 21 — November 15.  Entrants will enter via a tab on Facebook.com/NeimanMarcus.  Each entrant will be asked to submit a portrait that captures the essence of her personal style and the CUSP brand, a general personal bio including blog URL, and a statement of why they believe they are the “Blogger on the CUSP”.  In addition, they will be asked to fill out a series of questions related to their style.

    In mid October, five finalists will be chosen a panel of Neiman Marcus judges.  Finalists will be given the opportunity to host a CUSP event for their friends at a local CUSP store or NM CUSP department.  In addition, each finalist will receive a $1,000 gift card and opportunities at their local Neiman Marcus or CUSP to promote their in-store event.  Finalist’s portraits will be posted for voting on neimanmarcus.com and CUSP.com. The final winner will receive a $2,500 gift card.

    ITS NOT TOO LATE! If you’re a fashion blogger with an eye for style, you may have what it takes to become a finalist and host your own CUSP event! Apply now at http://www.facebook.com/neimanmarcus/app_139772516169673


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    Fall Guest Blogger @BrookeSamsonite

    Hiya! I’m so glad to be here!

    I’m Brooke and I will be your lovely fashion contributor from the great city of Indianapolis.  I have an immense addiction to fashion magazines and often find myself getting lost in this blogosphere researching what’s hot and trendy in the industry.

    I tend to focus a lot on details- what accessories will be best as we transition from summer to fall, what colors will make an outfit pop, and almost every other fashion-loving design in between.  I am thrilled to have this opportunity and can’t wait to “meet” you all!

    Feel free to send me a tweet @brookesamsonite.


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    Susie Bubble, Fashion Blogger – "HeyDoYou!"

    UK Fashion + Hong Kong fashion + an undefined eye for fashion
    Susie Bubble

    She’s beyond cute, she’s beyond style… Top British Fashion Blogger, Susie Bubble is redefining style as she knows best on her blog, Style Bubble. I love the way that she finds the most random creative pieces from the newest up – and – comers, herself included. Here’s some of the creativity that you’ll find on Style Bubble:

    Examples of some of the DOPENESS for ur tootsies
    Dr Martens celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary with a collaboration with Sanrio
    Earlier this month I read a post on her blog where she talked about blogs, brands and blogs as brands”, when discussing future branding plans for her blog, her response was “Style Bubble – a brand? Pah! No way in hellz…”. Down for herself and her ‘mixy-matchy’ style, Susie Bubble will not compromise her love for fashion and style. Her passion for vintage is apparent while she effortlessly pairs it with the most modern of pieces… and it just works. She openly expressed her appreciation for bargains telling UK Vogue; “…I’ll never wear head to toe designer because I’d miss rummaging around vintage shops too much”.
    Reading the article makes me recall a segment I saw on FT several months ago; Fashion Blogger Tommy Ton (Jak & Jil Blog) was discussing the changing times of fashion and the “evolution of the blogger”, he said “Style is more influential than fashion… we (bloggers) are dictating fashion”. The note of the segment was that fashion houses are recognizing the power of bloggers, becoming a fixture in the fashion world, and are embracing rather than turning a blind eye!
    We love Susie Bubble! We love Tommy Ton! We love Fashion Bloggers! “HeyDoYou!”
    Click HERE for Style Bubble
    Click HERE for Jak & Jil Blog
    Click HERE for UK Vogue Online
    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*
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    Tavi the Style Rookie

    This fashion blogger is not attending shows for the open bar, trust me…that’s cuz she is only 13! Sensational isn’t it? Coupled with the power of the internet, a few extra hours in the day and an undying love to play dress-up, Tavi is on the radar for designers and fashion lovers alike.

    Images via Style Rookie
    So much style, so much creativity and untainted by what ‘growing up’ does to you. I kinda love her!

    she raps too. LMAO

    She is in grade 8 and front row at New York Fashion Week! Yay for Tavi Gevinson, do you!
    Here’s her VIMEO channel