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    Malan Breton FW16 Collection Runway Show at Gotham Hall

    Heydoyou.com was invited to attend Malan Breton FW16 Runway Show at Gotham Hall.


    As a Taiwanese-born American designer,

    Malan Breton combined the Collection featured Asian Brocades for Man, and Woman, Angora, Vicuna, Merino wool, lambskin, python, and silk.




    Special embroideries were created using the Brother Dream Machine, in colors like syrah, valerian root, peacock, mallard duck, and scarlett.

    The show also featured a performance by Billboard #1 EDM star Sylvia Tosun.


    Styled by celebrity stylist Montgomery Frazier,

    the collection was accented with jewelry by Maria Pujana, Ttattoos by Black Lace Skin Jewelry, women’s shoes by Michela Rigucci and men’s shoes by Giorgio Brutini.

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    Cassius Clay

    It is a very exciting time in fashion right now! 19 year old Cassius Clay, a Yale student recently dropped out to become Kanye’s stylist. Thus all the hot swagger upgrade. I can’t wait to see…

    According to friends, Cassius was known for his unique style on Yale’s campus. He would come to class decked out in “Harry Potter glasses, feathered bow ties and Hermes scarves” and instead of a backpack, he carried a $5,000 Hermes Birkin bag.”

    My kinda guy
    Like I’ve been saying… do you

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    I am kinda obsessed with this Chinese stylist from Beijing called CherryGun. Some sources say she is Japanese. Almost every link I have found of her is not valid with a 404 error.  She is amazing and I see her pop up on Tumblr all the time.  She is a Taurus/Gemini cusp!!! The Cusp of Energy <3


    Indie stylist、《MILK》Magazine Fashion Writer,(Beijing Contemporary Music Academy)北京现代音乐学院音乐制作专业大三在读,09年4月开始,与Adidas Original,Nike,Lining,0086 Magazine,Arrtco,1626 Magazine,精品购物指南,等品牌和平媒有过合作。喜欢看电影,比起文艺片更喜欢Cult或B级片,嗯。。其实各类烂片都喜欢,喜欢ELECTRONICA,目前最迷恋MINIMAL和DOWNTEMPO。收藏喜欢的摇滚唱片和认为有价值的二手物品,恋旧,恋床,恋高跟鞋,恋甜食,恋SAMPLE。HOMEPARTY是我认为最棒的放松方式,假期时间宽裕的话最想要做的事情就是露营或者徒步旅行。

    i <3 her!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Recession or no recession, the fashion drum keeps beating and the street styles keep marching. Cutest in charge this year in Las Vegas. Here are the ones who keep it fresh and keep us inspired. Leave us a comment if we got u!

    You are fine. Thank you

    6-yr old DJ


    LMAO cutest in charge!

    thanks dude!


    So much more to come! I found so many amazing designers, websites, people and they will be each featured during the month of Sept in individual posts… so check back often and Do You!

    see you next year! love yvonne!