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    Father’s Day Gifts for All of The DILFs Out There!

    It is always a good idea to prepare the gifts earlier than last minute, especially for Father’s Day. You know what I mean – it is so difficult to hunt nice gifts for guys, no matter for boyfriend, husband or dad. Father’s Day is coming, not very soon, but trust me, now is the perfect timing to prepare the gift in advance. I’m looking to spice things up for the men this year and introduce you to sassy gift ideas for the Zaddy (and I do mean Zaddy) in their lives.

    Tame the Beast is a revolutionary, arousing line of head to toe grooming products. With a focus on raw, energizing properties and all natural botanicals, Tame the Beast covers all the basics of manscaping. Shower, shave, style, beard, skin…they got it covered.

    NEW Beast Blue Bar Soap ($15.00):

    The bar is BACK! 100% natural bar soap with heightened levels of organic essential oils and crisp Beast Blue™ scent. Extra moisturizing for beasts of all kinds, including tender beasts with sensitive skin.

    Invigorating at first sniff and smooth to the touch, this gentle hydrating soap features only plant-based ingredients like Organic Palm Oil (Rainforest Alliance Certified™), Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Almond Oil. Beast Blue™ brings notes of Juniper, Citrus, Eucalyptus and a hint of Musk of the Beast. Perfectly complements Tame the Beast® Sandpaper Scrub Bar Soap, which adds a heightened level of exfoliation from lava rock.

    100% vegan, cruelty free and produced in the U.S.A.

    DIRECTIONS: When not using, keep soap as dry as possible. Pro tip: cut your natural soap bar (especially the brick) in half and alternate use of each half (this gives your soap more time to dry).

    Nutt Butter ($19.00)The first ever multipurpose lotion for the boys – with an exhilarating eucalyptus tingle! It’s a blend that checks all the boxes: Anti-Aging, Anti-Shriveling, Anti-Chafing, Anti-Dryness, Anti-Sagging, yet botanically bountiful. Don’t be shy, check out Nutt Butter Edibles.

    The ‘other’ down-there products (powders, creams, wipes) for men are all about anti-wetness and anti-odor, leaving a strong, distinctive scent of artificial chemicals. TAME the BEAST® Multipurpose Nutt Butter is a creamy anti-chafe skin and body experience derived from ingredients such as Jojoba, Aloe, Comfrey Root, Calendula, Chamomile, Shea, Cocoa, Mango, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Vitamin E, giving your skin and body a more natural and welcoming scent.

    BBC Travel + Starter Sets ($27.00): 

    A little bit of everything for the Daddio on the go. Multipurpose Nutt Butter, Extreme Yawp All-in-1 Hair & Body Wash, Beast Butter Face Lotion, Sandpaper Scrub Bar Soap with Lava Rock, Single-Use Samples, Beast Butter Whole-Body Shave Cream & USDA Organic Beard Oil.

    Get the perfect introduction to our products with travel-friendly sizes of TAME the BEAST® favorites. No hidden fees, free shipping included.

    What’s you get:

    • Multipurpose Nutt Butter (3oz)
    • Extreme Yawp All-in-1 Hair & Body Wash (2oz)
    • Beast Butter Face Lotion (3oz)
    • Sandpaper Scrub Bar Soap with Lava Rock (1oz)
    • Single-Use Samples (usually 3 at 5mL each)
    • Beast Butter Whole-Body Shave Cream (3oz) (“Shave” kit only)
    • USDA Organic Beard Oil (“Beard” kit only)

    Beast Box™ Gift Sets ($93.50):

    Beast Box™ is the ultimate gift-able collection of men’s grooming products. Each kit features Tame the Beast® hair, body, beard, skin and shaving favorites in a stylish box of beastliness at yawp-inducing discounts off the regular price. Beast Box™ lets you easily give the gift of awesome, adventurous, bold grooming to a beloved beast… or reward yourself with a premium grooming experience. Add gift wrap during checkout for a totally turnkey gift experience.

    Beard Essentials Traveler Kit ($45.99):

    Tame the beast on the road! This travel-friendly set include TSA-compliant sizes of the energizing Extreme Yawp Beard, Hair and Body Wash (2oz), Beard Moisture Balm (2oz), Mint Slap Beard Oil Treatment (2oz), and Beard Brush.

    We live in a world full of constraints, one that tells us to slow down, rein it in, turn it down, use our inside voice, shut up. BEAST® would never tell you that. The shower is your space, your temple. There, the only three words you need to know are these: Turn it up. Turn up the energy, electricity and intensity. Turn up the raw, natural botanicals. Turn. It. Up. Welcome to grown-up grooming. Visit GetBeast.com for the entire brawny line, also available on Amazon.

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    Blue leads 2.5 m euro investment round in world’s first premium sunglasses made from 100-percent recycled materials

    Spring is coming. We are all waiting for the time when the weather gets warm. Yes, March is almost here, sun comes out more and more. We love spending time in parks and beaches when it’s warm and sunny. But one thing we never can ignore. We need a great sunglass for the protection of our eyes.

    Blue, a Stockholm-based investment company that serves as a catalyst for sustainability-driven innovation, has invested 1.25m euro in sustainability-driven Chilean eyewear maker Karün, which turns reclaimed materials such as fishing nets into premium, high-quality sunglassesKarün sunglasses have already caught the attention of world top sporting celebrities such as top Chilean surfer Ramón Navarro as well as organizations like the Volvo Ocean Race.

    The Blue investment, which is part of the total 2.5m investment round including investors such as Luna, an investment organization founded by Lucy Ana Walton, is designed to significantly strengthen Karün’s fast-track global brand building and development of a number of new product lines, marketing and organization in new markets around the world.

    “Karün shows how entrepreneurs can embed environmental concerns into their business vision as it trailblazes the integration of green practices into its material sourcing and manufacturing that reflect the humanity of its founders and management team,” said Blue co-founder and CEO, Anders Jacobson.

    He notes that lost or abandoned plastic fishing gear comprises 10 percent of all the plastic waste in the sea, ensnaring marine wildlife and ultimately destined to break down into micro plastic particles that will enter the human food and water chain to threaten the future health and wellbeing of every inhabitant on the planet.

    “Karün sunglasses are symbols of the change we want to see happening in the world by making a positive impact on the environment and local communities,” said Thomas Kimber, founder and CEO.

    Mr. Kimber said his company’s eyewear are beautiful products designed and sourced in Patagonia and made in Italy with the aim to directly contribute to protecting the environment by turning reclaimed noble and natural materials into positive products and by creating a source of income for micro-entrepreneurs in Patagonia.

    “We are enabling small-scale business people to scale their sustainable businesses and create economic opportunities empowering their own communities,” said Thomas Kimber.

    “Instead of a linear and extractive production process – which is used by most companies in the world – Karün is building our entire value chain under a circular and regenerative model designed to help restore natural ecosystems and local economies, he added.”

    Anders Jacobson said Karün sets an exemplary example of circular economy thinking by up-cycling discarded materials backback into highly desirable new high value products.

    Karün’s approach helped the company become the official sunglass supplier to the recently concluded Volvo Ocean Race. Its frames became the top choice for many of the sailors who raced around the world, such as Martin Strömberg, Mark Towill and Charlie Enright.

    Blue today owns companies such as Bluewater, a world leader in drinking water technologies and solutions, and is investing in a growing portfolio of game-changing companies, including ClimeonBaseload CapitalSave by Solar and Visiba Care.

    “Karün are change-makers who are demonstrating it is possible to solve the problems facing theplanet and humanity in sustainable ways,” Mr Jacobson said.

    Karün can be a great gift choice for anyone. I chose a Polarised Grey Blue Sky Mirror from Pacific Collection for my husband Ryan as a Valentine’s Day gift. He immediately fell in love with it when he saw it. And now he wears it everyday. I will say Karün can be also a good Birthday gift, no matter for your love, your friends, or your dad. Especially for someone who cares about the earth, this is definitely a perfect gift choice.

    About Karün

    Based in Puerto Varas, Patagonia, Chile, Karün is a Chilean B corp that makes sunglasses as a tool to inspire people into looking at the world from a different point of view; one in which we are all nature. They create high quality eyewear, made under a very different way; using reclaimed, natural and noble materials while working alongside local communities in Patagonia. www.karunworld.com

    About Blue

    Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Blue is an investment company that serves as a catalyst for innovations that can solve some of the major challenges facing our planet and all living on it. Blue’s mission is to find, engage with, invest in and support entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses driven by the desire to deliver tangible, sustainable solutions that can benefit human wellbeing and planetary health.www.blueab.se

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    Put Some Spirit In Your Giving This Father’s Day

    Hi my friends, this is the last week preparing the gift for Father’s Day! Are you still struggling about it? I know it is very hard to find a “guy gift”. So do I. But I have already done the research for you, so you no longer need to spend countless hours searching the internet for the perfect gift.

    Whether you’re a guy or a gal buying for your father, grandfather, brother or life partner, choosing a gift can be a stressful…even painful process! Men are notoriously hard to buy for, no matter what the occasion. Thankfully, there’s now a real solution designed to make it virtually impossible to mess up your loved one’s gift. TheBroBasket offers the coolest choices of custom baskets that scream masculine… delivered right to his door.

    Unlike anything out there, TheBroBasket’s gifts include craft beer, fine wines and spirits along with their favorite brand name gear and goodies. All baskets are 100% customizable and come in non-alcoholic versions too!

    This is the bucket I chose for my kid’s future father! Is that sweet? My husband is a real whiskey lover. So there it is the perfect gift for him.

    A Bite of Bourbon


    For the People Who Love Bourbon Breath 

    The Contents

    2 – Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn
    2 – Bags of Snyder’s Pretzels – for soaking up some of that booze
    1 – BroBasket 11oz tumbler – in case you need to make a drink right then and there
    1 – BroBasket Reusable Tin

    The Mixer

    1 – Can of Coke (12oz) – Use it to make a bourbon and coke; as a chaser for some shots; or for the hangover the next day

    The Booze

    1 – Bottle of Makers Mark Whisky (50ml) – The quintessential bourbon whiskey
    1 – Bottle of Woodford Reserve (50ml) – One refined american whiskey
    1 – Bottle of Bullet Bourbon (50ml) – So old, smooth and strong Wyatt Earp used to drink this stuff!
    1 – Bottle of Knobb Creek (50ml) – Bourbon at its finest

    The Freebies

    1 – Card with your special message

    But What if your father or husband is a rum fan?

    BroBasket has a great choice for him as well!

    Rum and Coke – With Engraved Bottle


    Because who doesn’t want some rum?!

    The Contents

    1 – KitKat™
    1 – Three Pack of Ferrero Roche™ fine hazelnut chocolates
    1 – BroBasket tumbler Whiskey Glass (11oz)

    The Mixer

    2 – Cans of CocaCola (12oz)

    The Booze

    1 – Bottle of Captain Morgan Spice Rum (750ml)

    Or he loves BBQ very much…

    BBQ Bash

    As Pictured $139.95

    THE BBQ Gift Basket

    The Contents

    3 – Essential BBQ Utensils w/ carrying case
         Spatula with Bottle Opener, BBQ Tongs & Fork
    1 – Packs of beef jerky
    1 – Pack of Mini Pretzels
    1 – bag of BBQ Lays chips
    2 – Cedar Smoker Planks
    1 – Scripto™ Long BBQ Lighter
    1 – Reusable BroBasket Crate

    The BBQ Sauces

    1 – Earl’s Gone Wild California Barbecue Sauce
    1 – Earl’s Gone Wild Jalapeno Barbecue Sauce

    The Booze

    1 – Bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon (750ml)

    The Freebies

    1 – Pack of Toothpicks
    1 – Greeting Card with your special message on it

    There are so many choices on www.thebrobasket.com. You can definitely find “the one” very fast! Other than choose one on display, you can also customize your own gift.

    Step 1

    Go to TheBroBasket.com and choose from one of our redi-made or customizable gift. If you’re feeling creative. You can click the “Customize Your Own BroBasket” product and make your own gift from scratch.

    Step 2

    If you chose a “trust us” redi-made product, go to Check Out and make someone’s day! If you chose to fully or semi customize, follow the easy steps – Is he a craft beer guy? Maybe he likes whisky or vodka. Maybe after that one night in college he swore off alcohol forever and now he only drinks Sprite. Customize it with whatever you know he likes to make him the perfect drinkable arrangement!

    Step 3

    Select your delivery method: “Overnight”, “2 Day Air”, “3 Day Express” or “4 to 5 Day Ground”.

    You can even buy weeks (or months) in advance and pick a future delivery date!

    Make his day!

    The delivery of a BroBasket has been known to have strange effects on men. Feelings such as “joy”, “elation”, “overwhelming happiness” and “an uncontrollable flow of happy tears” have been known to occur.

    BroBasket has even known to save marriages! – Seriously!

    No matter the reason, and no matter the BroBasket you select, one thing is for sure, nothing makes a guy feel as loved and appreciated as a BroBasket.

    To learn more about how to make his day, visit TheBroBasket.com or call them at 844-4-Go2Gift.

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    Father’s Day: Enjoy Good Food and Nature With Dad

    Summer is around the corner and we have all you need for the perfect summer picnic! And of course, with Dad!

    Let’s get started from the gifts for the dad who loves reading first. I believe those dads want to read more picnic or nature adventure ideas in advance.

    GRILLED CHEESE & BEER is spiced with wit and a passion for all things grilled cheese and beer, with easy-to-follow instructions that make it perfect for any skill level. It contains over 50 one-of-a-kind grilled cheese sandwich recipes, perfectly paired with craft beers designed to draw out the full flavor of each ingredient.

    Grilled Cheese & Beer: https://www.amazon.com/dp/157826653X

    THE NATURE LOVER‘S QUOTATION BOOK is a collection of inspirational and meaningful quotes perfect for every lover of the great outdoors. From simple walks and hikes in the woods, to longer treks and camping, we eagerly search for opportunities to escape into nature. Now there is a beautiful collection of inspired readings to take along the trail and read around the campfire, or just contemplate at home.

    Nature Lover’s: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1578267447/

    Secondly, some handful products are very important for your and dad’s adventure.

    Bindle Bottle

    Keep your necessities close with the Bindle Bottle. This bottle holds 24 ounces of your favorite beverage as well as small necessities such as chapstick, keys, or headphones.

    • This 2-in-1 bottle features:
    • Dual-walled and vacuum-insulated construction
    • Keeps drinks hot or cold for hours
    • Keeps the outside of the bottle “sweat-free”
    • Liquid capacity: 24 fl. oz.
    • Waterproof and scent-proof storage compartment: 3.3” H x 3.2” W
    • 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
    • BPA-free

    The Bindle Bottle is THE must-have sip’n’stash for all your adventures!


    Snuggle up with your loved ones under a special blanket from Ecuadane. Each is made with love in the heart of Ecuador by native Otavaleños living amidst the Andes Mountains and volcanoes.  The blanket combines a blend of rich earth tones creating an exquisite pattern that will travel and carry the history of your many adventures.

    Last but not the lease, of course is food, food, food!


    Treat your dairy-free partygoers to a creamy alternative. Milkadamia aims to make the transition from dairy the most delightful to your taste buds. With its subtle taste and milky texture that performs superbly in creations from smoothie bowls to baked goods, Available at Walmart nationwide in the refrigerated section.

    Andrea’s Truffles

    Treat dad to Chocolate Crack ​by Andrea’s truffles. Chocolate Crack is made from mouth watering​ French wafer cookie crumbles folded into chocolate with San Diego sea salt, topped with vanilla bean white chocolate drizzle. Dad will be thanking you!​

    Chocolate Pizza Company

    Indulge in Peanut Butter Wings®, they are the taste sensation everyone is talking about! These one-of-a-kind treats use crisp, rippled potato chips smothered in creamy peanut butter and covered in rich chocolate. The salty-sweet profile is a masterpiece! Peanut Butter Wings are also the perfect complement to Chocolate Pizza® which together create a “Pizza & Wing Combo”.

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    Get Dad what he really wants…Start at a game of RITUALS

    Looking for a perfect gift for dad for this coming Father’s Day?

    Let us play a game first…

    The game will help you


    at RITUALS

    First Step – Put your dad’s name

    Then I put his name – Ping

    Of course I choose MAN.

    Now I am in the second step – Choose my favorite collection.

    This is so helpful! I will choose the GIFT SET – as it will be the gift for Father’s Day, I want to have a full set for my awesome dad. But if your father loves traveling, you can choose the Travel Collection.

    See, how sweet it is! You can choose the price range as well.

    Umm, I can’t wait to check out what the selected 9 gifts are~

    Here they are!

    There is one gift set is my first sight love – the name, the package color and products… It is The RITUAL of DAO! I was born and growing up in China, culture of Dao is a very big thing in Asian culture. As a Chinese father’s daughter, of course I know what does he want for a gift which can be related with his culture. Let us see what the gift set includes.

    THE RITUAL OF DAO – CALMING COLLECTION an CALMING RITUAL, there are two sets you can choose from.



    It takes 2-5 working days for delivery and it is free shipping on all orders over $40! I have the THE RITUAL OF DAO – CALMING COLLECTION for my dad.

    The green storage box is huge and good quality. I believe my dad will keep the storage for other usages. When I opened the beautiful package, I fell in love with this collection right away – the products are well displayed at the box, the design totally gives me a calm feeling with a green breathe. I can’t wait to send them to my dad. He will definitely have a wonderful Father’s Day with RITUAL of DAO.

    Please order by 12pm on June 8th for guaranteed Father’s Day Delivery.

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    Maritime Deep Blue – Cologne For Him

    Father’s Day is coming!

    What is a non-mistake choice for dad?

    Here is a great idea for any dad who loves using cologne!

    Maritime Deep Blue 4.2 or 2.5-oz Cologne

    Adventure into the blue with this fresh and woody fragrance. Opening with an exhilarating blend of citrusy bergamot, spicy cardamom and aromatic juniper, this cologne transitions to a wave of fresh florals, which matures to warm and earthy musk, cedarwood and patchouli.

    • Top: Cardamom, bergamot, juniper oil, rosemary.
      Middle: water lily, freesia, orris, geranium.
      Base: patchouli, cedarwood, musk, moss.
    • Reflecting the spirit and fluidity of the sea, the bottle takes on a smooth silhouette with an ocean blue tint, contrasting with lotus wood and topped with a nautical rope-wrapped metal cleat.

    Maritime Deep Blue 3-Piece Gift Set

    Give him a gift he’ll truly love with this fresh and woody fragrance set. Opening with an exhilarating blend of citrusy bergamot, spicy cardamom and aromatic juniper, this fragrance transitions to a wave of fresh florals, which matures to warm and earthy musk, cedarwood and patchouli. This set comes in a giftable box with eau de cologne spray, after-shave balm and hair and body wash.

    • Top: Cardamom, bergamot, juniper oil, rosemary.
      Middle: water lily, freesia, orris, geranium.
      Base: patchouli, cedarwood, musk, moss.
    • Includes 4.2-oz. eau de cologne spray, 3.4-oz. after-shave balm and 3.4-oz. hair and body wash.
    • Made in the USA.