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    Go Further with @Ford 2013

    This year marks the 3rd annual Ford Trend conference for me!

    The Westin at the airport was just lovely! The staff were extra friendly and the rooms were gorgeous.
    150 journalist and lifestyle bloggers were invited to attend 3 days of intense seminars and workshops and of course test driving cars.

    To demonstrate the rear view cameras, this little Ford Fiesta backs up and scores the giant soccer ball!

    Even though the Fiesta seems small, it has incredible power, control and can go pretty fast!

    A lot of options to drive greener.

    Need a quick recharge anyone?

    Tai giving me a refill hehehehe

    Tony and Tai drove on the tracks…

    We drove F-150’s to deliver supplies to a Greening of Detroit park. It was awesome!

    Leaura and I munching on desserts

    Yum yum

    Got to try the new Google Glass

    Celebrating 50 years of Mustang!

    It was all really fun and I learned a ton from Seth Godin. See you all next year!