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    From Dusk to Dawn Fragrances

    Start your day with the cool scent of wild spearmint in Original Penguin’s new Premium Blend, and step into the night with bursts of Sichuan pepper from Perry Ellis Red. Original Penguin Premium Blend also has hints of crisp bergamot and fresh lime peel fused together to create the perfect daytime cologne. Perry Ellis Red will heat up the night with its notes of red leather and cream oak moss. These fragrances have you covered from a sophisticated workday to a sizzling night out!

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    Premium Blend Penguin, $65

    • Notes of crisp bergamot, fresh lime peel, and wild spearmint
    • Background evokes a rustic infusion of fresh musk, driftwood, and woody vetiver
    • Available at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor, The Buckle, Boscov’s, and all Original Penguin boutiques

    Perry Ellis RED, $65

    • Top notes of an initial burst of juniper berries, Italian bergamot, and Sichuan pepper
    • Kick of citrus evolves into deeper notes of red apple, Sichuan pepper, red leather, and amber
    • Infuses textured hints of sage, cream oak moss, and sandalwood
    • Available at Macy’s and PerryEllis.com
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    Pinrose Launches Two New Exclusive Perfumes

    Sephora was chosen as one of 20 stores around the country to debut the two new exclusivefragrances, Gilded Fox and Wild Child, from the niche perfume brand  Pinrose. Starting March 20th, these new perfumes along with 8 of the brand’s signature scents would be available for purchase ($55,  1 fl oz bottle.) 
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    The fruity- floral Wild Child is perfect for the fearless, fun and beauty curious. Master perfumer Richard Herpin designed this modern, flirty scent with notes of Gardenia, Jasmine and Plumeria. While the rich yet subtly sweet Gilded Fox captures the essence of a bold, sexy bombshell. Gilded Fox’s elegant and unique blend of chocolate notes shine with a hint of buttered rim and vetiver and imagined by one of Pinrose’s favorite master perfumers, David Apel.  
    unnamedThough each scent is delicious on it’s own, they were designed so that they could be layered with the remaining collection of the Pinrose scents.
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    Sweet Smell of Success @ChefRoble

    Big Congrats to fellow Brooklynite and neighborhood friend ROBLE for this exciting news!

    Chef Roblé Ali is taking his talents in the kitchen and applying them to perfume. The star of Chef Roblé and Co. teamed up with Brands With Purpose to launch a women’s fragrance.

    The product is expected to launch Spring 2014 and Roblé says he’s currently hard at work at developing the scent—dubbed a “fragrance recipe”—that is inspired by his favorite dishes.

    “As a chef, it seemed a natural fit for me to partner with a top perfumer,” he says. “So much about food and taste is actually scent. I’d say 80-percent. I find the idea of exploring the synergy between capturing the aroma of some of my favorite dishes by creating the first ‘Fragrance Recipe’ intriguing.”

    Roblé has a clear idea of what he wants to create. “It has to be something so irresistible women will crave it and make it their favorite fragrance,” he says.

    So what might the end result smell like? It won’t be “just another fragrance,” he says. Instead, it’ll include several of my favorite signature courses and dishes, translated in collaboration by one of the world’s top perfumers.

    The fragrance is still in final development stages, but several “courses” will already be displayed during the beautypress “Spotlight Day” on September 18th in NYC.

    We’re looking forward to present Chef Roblé’s “Sparkling Cocktail” and “French Toast Crunch Dessert” which both play an integrate part in the Fragrance Recipe. “Not only will we smell them but taste, as well”, says Roblé.

    “It’s been quite a painstaking process to translate these unique flavors and create great-smelling fragrance equivalents, even though many ingredients in the “perfume kitchen” are quite similar to what I’m frequently using in my kitchen”, Roblé continues. Several hundred trials resulted in some unique “courses” which will serve as the signature of this Fragrance Recipe called “CLIQUE by Roblé”.

    To illustrate the entire process, Brands With Purpose also partnered with the POWERSHOVEL design team. The result is a completely custom designed bottle as delectable as one of Roblé’s edible creations. Inspired by Roblé’s love of bringing people together this modern creation is the olfactive appetizer for any event. Sleek clean lines of the bottle lift to the transparent cap meticulously wrapped in just the right amount of golden bling. CLIQUE by Roblé is Simple, Timeless, Irresistible.

    The initial line will consist of a 50 ml/1.7 Fl. Oz. Eau de Toilette (EDT) spray and, to round of the menu, two body care products: a revitalizing Shower Gelee and rich, indulgent Body Butter.

    “So stay tuned to get a whiff!” Roblé adds.

    About Roblé:

    Roblé Ali has quickly become one of the most recognizable chefs as the star of Bravo’s Chef Roblé & Co. In Roblé’s professional career, he’s worked at Abigail Kirsch, alongside Chef Chris Santos on Stanton Social and Beauty & Essex, and also served as the Executive Chef at Avenue. A truly unique talent in the culinary world, Roblé is currently working on multiple projects that include a fragrance, wine, books, apparel, music and philanthropy.

    About Brands With Purpose, LLC:

    Brands With Purpose was founded Jan 2013. A “Fragrance Agency” supporting brands (fashion, lifestyle, music, celebrities) with the creation of their personal Beauty/Perfume line. Bart Schmidt’s (managing partner) philosophy and mission is “Connect, Create and Consider”: part of the proceeds support urban youth art and development.

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    Smell Pretty with Emeshel X

    If you have been to Sephora lately and smelled the spring fragrances and thought they smell really similar, you might be right. There are only a few truly unique scents out there that are distinct and totally memorable. I sampled Emeshel X recently and thought it was beautiful!  A powdery rose scent in an elegant glass bottle. The only thing I would change is the gem stone on the bottle – I think it would have been better without it.  Since the scent was a bit sophisticated, I gave this to my aunt who absolutely loved it!
    Emeshel without caps
    Introducing Emeshel X and Y
    This fall, Emeshel debuts its first fragrance for women and men in the United States. Emeshel X and Y are handcrafted fragrances that stimulate the power of attraction that exists between a man and a woman. Each scent is intricately formulated by master perfumers to create aromas that men and women are compelled to experience. “Emeshel’s X and Y celebrate the magnetic energy that attracts women and men,” says Sandy. “Both fragrances represent the undeniable yet unseen scent of the force that binds a woman and man together. These stunning fragrances empower women and men to make their own luxurious statement of style.”
    Emeshel X&Y are also housed in exquisite hand blown glass bottles that are literally like works of art. It’s like owning a piece of the aspirational Emeshel art at a price that is within reach.
    Emeshel: A Global Vision
    Emeshel’s rich heritage and creative direction is based on fostering diverse cultures – from France, Italy, Spain, Russia, U.K., Argentina, Germany, Switzerland and the U.S. – that embrace our differences and drive innovation. The Emeshel family is comprised of the best talent from around the world collaborating together to bring to life the art of fragrance. “Emeshel continues to set the pace with innovative products,” says Sandy. “The entrepreneurial talents of our global team are one of our key strengths. They enable us to design products that capture the spirit of our consumers and take the industry in new directions.”
    Emeshel X: Scent of a Woman
    World-renowned perfumer Dominique Preyssas has created a luxurious fragrance for Emeshel that is a delicate balance of femininity and power. Perfumes created by Dominique include Balenciaga, Bogart, Jaguar, Gant and Nicole Farhi. Radiant, sensual and feminine, Emeshel X celebrates women by capturing their natural beauty and ardent spirit.
    Size: 3.4 fl. oz. / 100 ml Eau De Parfum
    U.S. Retail: $150.00
    This fresh, smooth floral fragrance evokes a sublime powdery rose. The effect is chic, comfortable, and entirely addictive. X is an oriental, sensual fragrance that captures the many facets of the the Emeshel woman.
    Emeshel Woman.
    Top notes are Neroli, Petit Grain and Peach. Embracing aromas of rose, jasmine, orange blossom and osmanthas, the alluring potion creates harmony that is new and timeless. Evoking sun-warmed skin thanks to amber, patchouli, santal and musk that are undeniable, sustaining and bind the power of natural attraction.
    Emeshel X & Y Bottle Creation: When Beauty and Art Comes to Life
    Emeshel X and Y are housed in exquisite designed glass bottles that are works of art themselves. The bottles are made with the highest quality glass at the world-renowned Bormioli Glass Factory in Parma, Italy. Founded in 1946 by Mr. Luigi Bormioli, the world’s leading glassware maker, the Bormioli family continues his mission: a commitment to great design, traditional Italian craftsmanship and new-age glassmaking technology to create beautiful glassware of the highest quality.


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    Four Fragrances for the Men in Your Life

    1. The Always there for you Friend – LACOSTE’s EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Rouge

    All because it’s Valentine’s Day and you are single it doesn’t mean you can’t get a gift for your best guy friend!  He would love this because it will easily transition into a spring scent. Fiery and invigorating, the fragrance harvests a triple blend of spices at the heart to create this robust scent.  Spicy Mandarin liqueur, Madagascan black pepper, and Indian ginger provide a warm welcome from the cold weather. This fragrance is defined by its energetic, chic attitude and the sparkling Iced Tea notes.  A masculine and zesty fragrance that can only be described as energetic is ideal for the always on-the-go guy. All because he is ‘just your friend’ and ‘so not your type’ – it doesn’t mean he isn’t the perfect boy for someone else!  Help him out and send him lots of love.

    Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 – Rouge

    (Retail: $62)

    2. The BoyfriendHugo Boss Bottled Night

    The BOSS man is primed to succeed—competitive, driven, and ambitious. That’s why he deserves to be your man. His daily preparation rituals are integral to his personal quest for success and BOSS has become an established part of his daily armor. BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT is destined to become his secret after-dark weapon, instilling him with the same compelling presence that underpins his success by day. The scent features an intensely seductive composition of purposeful, aromatic top notes combined with a rich, woody base. Oh la la. The mystery and thrill of what he is thinking and where your Friday night adventures will take you!

    Hugo Boss Bottled Night

    (Retail $52)

    3. The Hope to be more than friends – Hugo Boss Bottled

    You guys do everything together but you are not official yet!  You just need that one thing that is gonna let him know… This is the perfect not to subtle hint that you want him to be BOSS in your relationship!  With the apple notes, it is soft but noticeable. Boss Bottled is described as clean and fresh with woodsy low notes. Sounds like new love to me.

    Hugo Boss Bottled

    (Retails $52)

    4. The Husband – James Bond 007

    He was brave enough to meet your parents and grandparents, hang out with your brother and even play with your nephew and nieces. Your husband is the one guy who is always on a mission juggling family, work, friends and making YOU happy all the time and making it look effortless. He deserves the 007 fragrance because he is irresistible and #1 and always aims to please. Give your husband the notes of bergamot, geranium, apple, cardamom, rose thorn, lavender, cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

    James Bond 007

    (Retails $40)

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    An Evening with Barb Stegemann @The7Virtues

    It is always exciting when home grown (Canadian) talent makes it big! Barb wrote a book called the 7 Virtues on a healing journey after tragedy struck her best friend and the perfume is the product that came to fruition from this journey. The essential oils are sourced from plants from countries like Haiti and Afghanistan that are rebuilding after natural disasters or after war. Some of the ingredients include Vetiver from Haiti, Lime and Basil from Iran, Orange Blossom and Rose from Afghanistan.

    @Scottish_Kate and I at the NYC Canada Consulate

    Last night, fragrance entrepreneur Barb Stegemann hosted a bevy of talented Canadians at 550 Park Ave to introduce her line the 7 Virtues.

    Fragrances made with essential oils that rebuild  communities

    Barb Stegemann, CBC Dragons’ Den Winner, was introduced to me by a mutual friend and her zest for life and passion for her business is admirable!  Within 2 years, the 7 Virtues have made it to TOP 5 on the Chatelaine Beauty 100 Award and is carried in Lord & Taylor and the Bay. These fragrances are Paraben free – Phthalate free. The perfumes are $70 and up.

    If you want to make a political statement in a beautiful way, check out http://www.the7virtues.com