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    Have fun with your daily looks by grabbing a outfit from Fresh Hoods

    Normal is boring. Explore the depths of your inner style. For a fun upgrade on your casual look, let Fresh Hoods help you to become a star on the streets.

    If you love it, mark your own rules. Go wild in look and comfy in style. Fresh Hoods team is a group of creators with a hip-hop, rhythm ‘n blues passion for street art. Their graffiti style, with its freedom of expression and easy-going honesty, was born out of the 90’s when bricks and mortar were the canvas du jour. At the start of the new millenium, when the walls were being washed and the support beams deconstructed on the street art movement, the Fresh Hoods team came together to stage a revival through a new medium and give a voice of self-expression back to the masses.

    Today, Fresh Hoods work together to provide a new canvas for this movement that rejects bulk batches. They demand responsibility and sustainability in a world that wrongly says waste is okay. At Fresh Hoods, there is No Waste, Made to Order mindset makes the ideal real. You order it, Fresh Hoods make it! At Fresh Hoods, art is responsible, so everybody wins.

    At Fresh Hoods they offer next level designs for streetwear that go beyond just comfort. They have taken the ordinary and turned it into an opportunity for honesty and reality-checks. There’s a Fresh Hoods hoodie to fit every mood and every occasion.

    Vintage Flowers Kimono

    Add some serious floral flair to your looks with the Vintage Flowers Kimono, featuring an open front design, crafted from 100% premium polyester. Fresh Hoods talented team of designers created this plain black color minimalist design with a vintage floral side.

    French Bull-King Women Hoodie By Britto™

    Hit the streets in extravagant style with the French Bull-King Women Hoodie, featuring a custom made design, crafted from premium polyester. The fancy bulldog graphic with a crown was created by Fresh Hoods team of resident artists in a collaboration with the talented graphic artist, Romero Britto.

    Abstract Bomber Jacket

    Add a look to your wardrobe that is truly dreamy with the Abstract Bomber Jacket, handcrafted for fully aligned edge-to-edge graphics. Fresh Hood team of talented graphic artists designed this allover high-definition print of colorful smoke clouds.

    Sketch Waves Shorts
    Show off your inner daredevil wearing the Sketch Waves Shortsfeaturing a clean-cut, and a ton of hand-drawn style graphics throughout. A back pocket and a drawstring waistband complete the design of these lightweight shorts.
    Hand Embroidered Cuffed Beanie
    Bring some life or at least afterlife into your daily looks with the Hand Embroidered Cuffed Beanie. This radical beanie comes in a ribbed-knit construction, while a small embroidered detail of a zombie’s hand adds a little bit of interest to your look.

    At Fresh Hoods, their mission is to give everyone a voice and an opportunity to use their talents to express themselves in a positive way that makes the earth a better place.


    Over the past decade, graffiti and street art have undergone a decline. To Fresh Hoods, this is unfortunate because, as a medium for self-expression, street art is an important outlet, but graffiti and street art are also illegal and they’re a form of vandalism! So Fresh Hoods have created a new medium of Wearable Art as an alternative for self-expression that’s open to everyone.


    In the tradition of the great Street Artists, say what you need to say and broadcast it out loud. Take it to the streets, take it to work, or wear it at home. Instead of painting the wall, wear your vision!