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    Event LOVE: @StylistBox FW13 VIP Preview


    We were recently invited to attend the first seasonal VIP Preview of one of our fave PR ladies’ (Gail McInnes) new baby, Stylist Box, and we simply adore her so there was no way were going to miss it! We got to hang out with some of our favourite bloggers/fashion editors/fashionistas while perusing the beautifully decorated showroom which is located in Toronto’s trendy Dundas West neighbourhood. The room was FULL of the latest fashions and accessories from some of Canada’s hottest brands such as Genevieve Lima, Lucian Matis, Laborde Designs, Masha and more. You know how I do, I was oohing, aahing and trying on EVERYTHING! It was wonderful!


    So What is Stylist Box?

    Stylist Box was founded by fashion veterans Christian Dare and Gail McInnes, and is a division of the successful branding and publicity agency Magnet Creative Management; connecting emerging and established fashion and accessory brands to high-profile personalities, top fashion and celebrity wardrobe stylists, and fashion editors.


     Remember this collection? Yes ma’am. Hilary Macmillan!


    “Stylist Box is here to create more attention towards Canada’s hottest emerging and Internationally established fashion and accessory brands.” 20130605_173444

    Love love love any and everything Laborde Designs!

    Sipping on Peroni while looking at all the pretty clothing 🙂


    LOOOOOVE these by Monikque Jewellery20130605_174608

    More beautiful Monikque Jewellery pieces!20130605_174614

    Gaahhhhh! Love.20130605_174620

    Um…Please and Thank You.20130605_174707

    Carcia trying on a Monikque Jewellery piece 🙂20130605_174741

    Need this tee.20130605_174814

    be still my heart 🙂20130605_174835

    Mr. Fashionights!20130605_175018

    I don’t wear sweat pants, but if I did… It would HAVE to be these ones by Skinny Sweats20130605_175026




    Oh Lucian Matis… YES.20130605_175227

    OH. MY. GAWWWWD. Monikque Jewellery.


    Laborde Designs goodness!20130605_175735

    Me and Telly having too much fun lol20130605_175957

    Love these two!20130605_180048

    Oh Lucian… you keep giving me life!20130605_180108

    This is an awesome idea, I’m gonna decorate my living room wall just like this!


    Miss Gail McInnes rocking the hell outta those leggings!20130605_181245

    I love me some Monikque Jewellery as you can see…20130605_181532

    More Lucian goodness. 20130605_181712




    Can you tell that I’m in heaven because of this necklace???IMG_20130605_183533

    My faves!IMG_20130605_213559

    the dragonfly… love love love Monikque Jewellery!

    For more info on Stylist Box, make sure you visit the website!

    Thank you so much for inviting us Gail, we wish you all the best!

    peace and love


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    Passion for Fashion is BACKKK @YesToronto

    I hate that I’m always busy or out of town when the Passion for Fashion information sessions come around 🙁 For those of you that are starting a fashion business, want to start a fashion business or are just interested in the Passion for Fashion Program, I seriously advise you to attend these information sessions so that you can find out about the program, how you can benefit from the FREE (yes FREE) business workshops, seminars, mentorships with industry experts and hopefully make your fashion business dreams come true. You might even have a chance to enter the Fashionista’s Den Competition and win one of three cash prizes, which include the Passion for Fashion Award and Eveleen Dollery Award. I went to the award show about a year ago, and left wishing that I had participated 🙁 You only have to be between 16-29 years old, and you don’t even have to have any fashion experience. Doooo It.

    You can register for July right now if you want. Here are the dates!
    Wednesday, July 4, 2012
    3:00pm – 5:00pm
    YES Head Office, 555 Richmond Street West, Suite 711, Toronto

    Monday, July 16, 2012
    5:30pm – 7:30pm
    Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI), Exhibition Place, 285 Manitoba Drive, Toronto

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012
    6:00pm – 8:00pm
    YES Head Office, 555 Richmond Street West, Suite 711, Toronto

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012
    3:00pm – 5:00pm
    Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI), Exhibition Place, 285 Manitoba Drive, Toronto

    For more information on the program, click here!!

    peace and love


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    (TO) Ukamaku Media Launch

    Ukamaku is a online fashion store and community, promoting Canadian fashion designers to the world. They celebrated the official launch of their new website yesterday. I met and talked with some of the designers featured on the website and saw some of the selected pieces from their collection.

    This is Tarek with the lovely Nella Bella handbag line

    Tarek is the Creative director and head designer of Nella Bella. I had a blast talking with Tarek about this environmentally friendly line (they use Vegan materials). I LOVED his collection♥♥ & his warm personality! Thanks for the goodie Tarek.

    David (fashion designer of Worth by David C Wigley) is holding one of his most popular item, I call it the “the gold studded sweater” (I like it). He uses natural/sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo rayon.

    My favourite dresses from Heidi Ackerman’s Collection! Oh…..I should have taken pictures of her funky tights!! It was see through (Scandalous!), you can kinda see it in the back. Heidi uses hand and machine knitting techniques.

    I loved designer Natalie Good’s Andy Hall Collection. The first thing she said to me was “My clothes look better on people, and not on the hanger cause people aren’t flat” (she’s right cause she was ROCKIN that blazer from her line). Her use of soft fabrics and casual fits are what makes her clothes comfortable and stylish.

    This is one of many dresses from Paris Li’s S/S 2011 collection. Beautiful colors used on the laser printed silk dresses and tops!

    (L) Breeyn McCarney’s….pretty YELLOW dress (R) The Paddock by Carrie Hayes with a drape shoulder dress…Oooh fun!

    Lovely Pieces by Emily Woudenberg


    Me & Gail McInnes (Director, Magnet creative)
    Looking for Christmas ideas? Check out their Christmas Sale 

    Thanks for the invite!

    Tash xo

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