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    Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Kicks Off 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Season

    Girl Scouts are now selling new berry-blasted Raspberry Rally™ cookies exclusively online,
    with all the iconic cookies, powering amazing experiences outdoors, STEM, and beyond.

    Today, January 29th, The Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio kicked off the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Season in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. For the next seven weeks, Girl Scouts and their troops will rally their communities to support the world’s largest entrepreneurial program for girls.

    “New to the 2023 cookie season, the highly anticipated, online-exclusive Raspberry Rally™ cookie joins the iconic lineup, alongside classic family favorites like Thin Mints®, Caramel deLites®, Peanut Butter Patties®, and more,” said Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio’s President & CEO, Cynthia H. Breunig.

    Girl Scout Zaira B 6 from Highland, Girl Scout Troop 1751. Girl scout Analyse H. 15 from Rialto is carrying her.

    “I love selling Girl Scout Cookies,” said Girl Scout Zaira B from Highland, Girl Scout Troop 1751 “This program has helped me build confidence and I love doing booths with my Girl Scout friends”.

    “Please support our local Girl Scout troops by purchasing your favorite varieties and trying the new, Raspberry Rally™ available exclusively online.  The new thin, crispy cookie is infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in the same delicious chocolaty coating as the beloved Thin Mints® cookies,” said Breunig.

    The new Raspberry cookie is the first in the Girl Scout Cookie lineup to be exclusively offered for online sale and direct shipment only.

    “This enhances our girls’ e-commerce sales and entrepreneurial skills. This latest approach will help to guide the evolution of the cookie program for the digital future,” said Breunig.

    This season, Girl Scouts will run outdoor cookie booths and sell online.

    “If you know a Girl Scout, ask how she’s selling cookies via the Digital Cookie online platform for direct shipment or local delivery,” said Breunig.

    The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the world’s largest entrepreneurial program for girls. Girl Scouts’ newly updated Financial Literacy badges offer entrepreneurial playbooks for every age level.

    From the Cookie Goal Setter badge earned as a Daisy to the Entrepreneur Accelerator for girls in high school, the Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls financial literacy, planning, budgeting, teamwork, innovative thinking, and confident decision making.

    How to Purchase Girl Scout Cookies This Year

    • If you know a registered Girl Scout, reach out to her to find out how she’s selling cookies.
    • Text COOKIES to 59618 to be among the first to receive information about Girl Scout Cookies and to find out about other exciting Girl Scout news.
    • Visit the Girl Scout Cookie Finder to find a booth near you, to purchase cookies for direct shipment to your home, or to donate cookies to local causes.

    “The Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio’s Cookie season is from January 29th – March 19th.  Girl Scouts in grades K–12 can start their journey to fun, friendship, and new experiences by joining the world’s largest entrepreneurial organization for girls at any point in the year,” said Breunig.

    To join the Girls Scouts or to volunteer go to: www.girlscouts.org/join, or call (909) 307-6555.

    About Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio

    We serve more than 10,000 girls in Riverside and San Bernardino counties with the dedicated support of 3,000 adult volunteers.  We believe that in order to be a leader within your community, you have to truly become a part of that community.

    Girl Scouts offers girls the unique opportunity to identify and support issues that are important to them, form partnerships with other people, businesses, and organizations, and create sustainable projects that change the world around them.

    To volunteer, reconnect, donate, or join, visit gssgc.org, or call (909) 307-6555.