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    Orbee Mazee @planetdog1997

    We did a great giveaway to 2 of our readers dogs to test out the Orbee Tuff Mazee last month and the reviews are in!

    #1 We gave the Raspberry one to Chance (10 year old Yellow Lab from West Village Manhattan)

    This was a housewarming present for Chance (His owner recently sublet my apartment).  I thought this would be a a great toy for Chance because he is an adult dog who might find this fun.  Being a lab, he is also driven by his nose and the treats would prove to be a great incentive for him to play with this puzzle.   I obviously under estimated Chance and thought the Mazee would ‘challenge him’ because I got this text from his owner shortly after.  Oh SILLY DOG!  You are suppose to figure it out, not tear it open!

    #2 – The Green Ball was given to 7 month old TAMU an Australian Heeler pup from Fort Greene Brooklyn.

    Tamu was immediately in love with the minty smell, the bouncy ball and of course the treats inside. She spent at least 15 mins rolling the ball around the room with her nose, pawing it and sitting down with her face on it. She love the intricate puzzle and used all her puppy senses she had to figure out how to get the treat!  Playing with the Mazee is a daily ritual now for Tamu and she can get the treats out in less than 3 mins now. The best part is that this ball is easy to clean with some warm water and soap.

    Find out if the Orbee Tuff Mazee ball is perfect for your dog on http://www.planetdog.com